Gina Robins – Maximum Sentence

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Created November 24, 2011 by b

Animal Welfare

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There are currently 295 signatures for this petition:

  1. Sean

    I demand Gina is put in prison for the actions she had done.

  2. Terje Solheim

    She must definitely be punished for that sadistic and inhumane behavior – she is a dangerous person.

  3. Fulvia Marino ITALY

    Maximum sentence… and even more!

  4. Fran Davies UNITED KINGDOM

    People like her need to be incarcerated to set an example, let the criminals get to her…Let’s see what they do to her

  5. Ann Macdonald UNITED KINGDOM

    Maximum sentence

  6. Annette Ortiz UNITED STATES

    Until we make animal abuse a MAJOR crime and start punishing people harshly, it will continue

  7. Mary Cooper UNITED KINGDOM

    This woman has committed an evil crime and should be sent to prison for the maximum time even though this is NOT punishment enough!

  8. David Cooper UNITED KINGDOM

    This woman must be sent to prison for the maximum time for such an heinous crime

  9. Jolyne Remy FRANCE

    What words can describe such a horror ?

  10. Michele Wilkinson UNITED KINGDOM

    Maximum punishment needed for this sick, evil bitch!

  11. Alison Rothwell

    I supports that the maximum sentence be given to this individual.

  12. Sylvie Rochat

    Maximum sentence!!!

  13. audrey west UNITED KINGDOM

    please dont let another animal killer walk away with just a slap on the wrist , this cruelty must stop now.

  14. Dawn Mason UNITED STATES

    Give this skank scumbag trash what she deserves!

  15. Elisabeth Bechmann AUSTRIA

    Maximum sentence for her !!!!

  16. sandra ingram UNITED KINGDOM

    hope she get what she deserves !!

  17. Elaine Al Meqdad UNITED STATES

    I want her to be put in an oven and locked inside to fully cook!!!

  18. Luke Trodden UNITED KINGDOM

    She is sick.

  19. giulia s FRANCE

    She is sick

  20. Kathleen Tatro UNITED STATES

    Please don’t let another animal killer walk away with just a slap on the wrist, this cruelty must stop now.

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