Giving deaf children a fair chance

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Created October 2, 2011 by Kerry Lowndes


We the undersigned petition the council to stop cuts to specialist support services for deaf children.

We call on Derby City Council to reverse the cuts, protect services for deaf children and ensure all deaf children in Derby City have a fair chance to achieve.

Deaf children are already among the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children in the UK today. Deafness is not a learning disability. Evidence shows that with the right support, deaf children can achieve as well as other children. Specialist support services for deaf children offer a vital lifeline to deaf children and their families, by providing support to families, directly teaching deaf children, advising mainstream teachers and much more.

Deaf children risk being among those hardest hit, despite the disadvantages they already face. Reducing the support for deaf children will undermine their achievement, confidence and wellbeing.

This is unfair and unacceptable. We the undersigned call on Derby City Council to reverse these cuts, protect services for deaf children and ensure all deaf children in Derby City have a fair chance to achieve.

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There are currently 238 signatures for this petition:

  1. John Wallbank UNITED KINGDOM

    Good luck.I live in Cumbria and they cut our specialist teaching services by two thirds.


    Its such a disgrace that deaf children are once again being targeted by mindless scrupulous councils targeting the vulnerable

  3. Tracy Cook UNITED KINGDOM

    As a parent of a deaf child the cuts proposed are horrifying, please don’t put more obstacles in the way of them achieving their full potential.

  4. Lisa Winnett UNITED KINGDOM

    Deaf Children need all the support that they can receive in schools, especially due to sign language being their 1st language and English being a foreign language to them, plus when the time comes for them to go to college, sign language at level one is not recognised, and most children have only just reaced level 1 in school

  5. Ni Gallant UNITED KINGDOM

    good luck from worcestershire!!

  6. Ellen Arthur UNITED KINGDOM

    Good Luck with this!!!

  7. Tony Barlow UNITED KINGDOM

    Rooting for you all – deaf services being hit from all angles children and adult – need to fight for our rights.

  8. Rachel Owers-Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    Deaf children rely on services to ensure they have a fair chance in life. The support deaf children and their families get is crucial and needs to continue.

  9. Busman Bob UNITED KINGDOM

    Derby City Council should not make deaf people more disabled than they already are by cutting back on services, rather they should be looking at methods for improving the good works that have been slowly unfolding. DCC could save money by laying off the many traffic wardens that do very little within the city – after all they do seem to constantly ignore unlawfully parked cars in Normanton in favour of chatting to each other and drinking tea.

  10. Gareth Barkley-Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    . what if?

  11. Gareth Barkley-Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    What if?

  12. Mrs j Kinchin UNITED KINGDOM

    Good Luck from worcester

  13. chris bradley UNITED KINGDOM

    deaf kids NEED all the support they can get

  14. Matt Ashmore UNITED KINGDOM

    Good Luck. These cuts are going to deep and to fast, but what did we expect with this tory gov.!

  15. charlotte Taylor UNITED KINGDOM

    Deaf children of today are the Deaf adults of the future. They need the same education and rights as hearing children to be able to reach their future potential!

  16. yvonne powles UNITED KINGDOM

    Cuts?????? Money needs to going in NOT coming out Crazy

  17. victoria rodgerson UNITED KINGDOM

    help our deaf children and stop these cuts!!!!!

  18. sharon pollock UNITED KINGDOM

    I work my son deserves my taxes more than some people that sit on there backside and get paid for it

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