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Created August 5, 2009 by diana


we are petitioning to be able to plant flowers on a grave at spring road cemetery as the council are meant to be bringing a new thing in where you will no longer be allowed to do this.

please sign and show your support thank you

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  1. Caroline Mckenna Abingdon UNITED KINGDOM

    We have put flower on my grandparents graves that have been removed. Talk about bloody rude.

  2. Shirley Roberts Abingdon UNITED KINGDOM

    I think this is disgraceful. I have yet to see ANY accidents ever reported in the news about injuring them selves on a vase of flowers.

  3. craig berry UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Sarah Turner UNITED KINGDOM
  5. fiona skidmore abingodn UNITED KINGDOM

    this is disgusting it is are last place of memory and we should be able to put on there what we want

  6. laura morris abingdon UNITED KINGDOM
  7. sonia matthews abingdon UNITED KINGDOM

    wud u lot at the council like us to tell u wot to put on urs mothers grave !!!!! no so dont try an tell us !!!!

  8. Sue Dance Abingdon UNITED KINGDOM

    I support this all the way.

  9. Kelly Glen UNITED KINGDOM
  10. helen louise carr abingdon UNITED KINGDOM

    i think is very bad they are trying to stop people putting flowers etd on loved ones graves!!! my two nans and grandads, my uncle. and other family and friends are there we need to pay are respects. we ned to put a stop to it.x

  11. Rebecca Stevens UNITED KINGDOM
  12. peter chapple UNITED KINGDOM
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