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Created August 12, 2007 by Hamperor


This petition wants these following statements to be fulfilled:

1) The UK Government should recognise The Hampire of Hamland as a constituent Country of the UK and hereby regard it as one of the 6 nations of Scotland, Northern Ireland, England, Wales, Cornwall and Hamland.

2) Let Hamland have her defined territory and powers to govern herself.

3) Make the Head of State of Hamland the Hamperor.

4) Allow Hammish Government to have powers to decide what they may build on this land.

5) The UK government need not give us a seat in the House of Commons, all we wish is land to use and to be ale to run it ourselves.

N.B We will still be part of the UK and will remin part of the UK. So we will pay taxes and be allowed to be served by the UK armed forces, NHS and Police (and any other organisation that upholds the UK). The Queen shall rule over HAmland above the Hamperor. If Scotland becomes Independant, then Hamlanad will stay in the UK.

There are currently 5 signatures for this petition:

  1. Lewis Miller Kirriemuir UNITED STATES


  2. carl barber UNITED STATES
  3. Dafydd Jones Stafford UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree, let Hamland be its own country!

  4. Owen Bartholomew Essex UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Scott Cairney UNITED KINGDOM

    Huzzah for Hamland

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