Help secure the future and well being of Kettering Town Football Club

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Created October 25, 2009 by Simon


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  1. Simon Keech UNITED KINGDOM
  2. andrew simpson kettering UNITED KINGDOM
  3. david harrison lichfield UNITED KINGDOM
  4. dave williams kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    been watching KT for 38 years and it is about time the council helped out,like Corby etc

  5. Barry Medlock Birmingham UNITED KINGDOM

    The regions are out of date.

  6. Niall Smith Corby UNITED KINGDOM

    Ktfc has done more than any other club or organisation to put the town on the international map.
    How about the small minded people who are supposed to represent the citizens of Kettering do the right thing just once and get behind the club.They have killed the town centre is the football club next on their list?.

  7. brian turnbull UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Barry Grant Kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    The football club represents a cost effective national advertisment for the town and subsequently deserves the support of KBC in it\'s efforts to relocate, at it\'s own expense, within the Borough.

  9. Angela Merry Peterborough UNITED KINGDOM

    I have been supporting the club for 36 years, even though I moved from Kettering in 1984. KBC…please do not underestimate the importance of Kettering Town Football Club to the profile of your town!

  10. Martin Bellamy Kettering UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Samuel Zalaiskalns Kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    Save Our Club!

  12. Peter Short Leicester UNITED KINGDOM

    I have been a Kettering Town fan for just over a decade. Since then I have followed the Poppies home and away, showing nothing but pride and passion for the club and TOWN that they represent. I have gone to great lengths supporting my team – from 160 mile taxi journies to get to a game, to filming matches and designing literature for the club at my own expense.

    If there was no Kettering Town FC then not only would I be utterly bored on a Saturday afternoon, the town of Kettering would loose possibly it\'s biggest symbol, that keeps the town on the map.

    The fans are prepared to put their all in to secure the future, now it\'s your turn!

  13. Mike Scott Hinckley UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Steve Shipton Kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    The last four generations of our family have supported the Poppies – their demise would be a huge loss to us and the town overall. We are Kettering born and bred and vote each year for the person we feel will continue to oversee the well being of our community. We call on our present councillors to do all they can to ensure the survival of our beloved football club.

  15. Steve Clarke Earls Barton UNITED KINGDOM

    Been a Kettering fan for over 30 years, and now my son for the last 10 years, and hopefully his children at a new ground in the borough of Kettering.

  16. Andrew Ward Woking UNITED KINGDOM

    Now is the time to help the help the football club before it is too late KBC. Stop trying to put the issue on the back burner and help this wonderfull club find a new home.

  17. lee thorn podington UNITED KINGDOM
  18. John Cecil Kettering UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Luke Smith Desborough UNITED KINGDOM

    KBC simply must give support to this, its as simple as that

  20. Richard Faller Desborough UNITED KINGDOM
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