Help secure the future and well being of Kettering Town Football Club

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Created October 25, 2009 by Simon


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  1. Alasdair Gorrod Manchester UNITED KINGDOM

    Typical of the interests of the people are elected to positions of power because there is a total lack of intrest by the population in the election. Think of the people that you represent represent

  2. Aimee Barker Kettering UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Adrian Woods Tamworth UNITED KINGDOM
  4. michael dwyer UNITED KINGDOM
  5. colin foster hartlepool UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Ian Dowson Hartlepool UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Darren Measor Hartlepool UNITED KINGDOM
  9. catherine pringle kettering UNITED KINGDOM
  10. patrick anderson Beccles UNITED KINGDOM

    Don\\\\\\\'t let your own towns team die through neglect.\\r\\nYour elected to do a job, not oversee the destruction of source of pride for your borough.

  11. Mark Beresford London UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Philip Orr Ryde, IOW UNITED KINGDOM

    Saints fan wishing to support another football club. Good luck with your campaign.

  13. Aziz Kaminski Kettering UNITED KINGDOM
  14. A Saint Southampton GERMANY
  15. Ian Barton Kettering UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Daryl Gunn Kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    regular Kettering supporter for 35 years now – can\\\\\\\'t imagine the town without the club.

  17. peter seddon portsmouth UNITED KINGDOM

    \\\\\\\'the poppies\\\\\\\' have been around since 1872 (longer than the other more relevant poppies) however i do not think that local buraucrats appreciate the importance of a local football team in their community!

  18. Richard Byres Winchester UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Tim Fletcher Burton-on-Trent UNITED KINGDOM

    A football club is at the heart of any community and a source of local pride, not to menion that it brings in revenue and visitors to the town. The local authority should get behind the club and do whatever they can to support it. Don\'t let the Poppies die!

  20. Rick Sarum Brackley UNITED KINGDOM

    The Poppies deserve support from KBC as they are a integral part of the community and heritage of the town.

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