Help secure the future and well being of Kettering Town Football Club

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Created October 25, 2009 by Simon


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There are currently 1004 signatures for this petition:

  1. Aidan Ducker Kettering UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Robbie Williams stoke UNITED KINGDOM

    Mon the poppies, I dont wanna be loving peterborough instead

  4. Rosie Maclot Kettering UNITED KINGDOM
  5. emma-jayne lee geddington UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Charlie Kelland kettering UNITED KINGDOM
  7. steph henderson UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Bianca Roxanne Kettering UNITED KINGDOM
  9. sarah beeby UNITED KINGDOM
  10. georgia watts gretton UNITED KINGDOM

    tom issitt made me sign :)

  11. Adam Hatton Kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    With the addenance growing with every game the stadium cant cope with the growing numbers.

  12. Rebecca Mee Kettering UNITED KINGDOM
  13. rebecca auty kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    give us a ground!

  14. lucy McAuliffe Burton UNITED KINGDOM
  15. mark warren rosyth UNITED STATES

    being a poppy supporter from birth i travel down frequently with my poppy born dad to support the poppies you cant shouldnt let the poppies die in the town, it would be a tragedy if you let it haPPEN, PLEASE SUPPORT THE CLUB.

  16. Lee Walsh Kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    the council and club should be together, supporting each other. SORT IT OUT JIM HAKEWILL

  17. Will Stoodley Telford UNITED KINGDOM

    Good luck with this a thriving club is a vital part of the community

  18. Martin Doyle Kettering UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Alan Sheffield Kettering UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Ian Wilson Kettering UNITED KINGDOM
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