Help secure the future and well being of Kettering Town Football Club

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Created October 25, 2009 by Simon


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  1. George Hatford kettering UNITED STATES

    come on u poppies

  2. hannah hopkins barnstaple UNITED KINGDOM

    i have been a KTFC supporter for 20 years now going home and away until my move to devon a few years ago. the club does a great deal for this town including keeping young people out of trouble, bringing trade into the town and putting kettering on the map with our regular cup runs. it is time the council supported them as we have had NO support up to now. the loss of the club would be a huge loss to kettering so please please see sense and support the club and earn the benefits it brings to the town.

  3. James Fox Kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    Don\'t let our club die!

  4. Chris Curchin Kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    K.B.C. MUST support the Football Club to secure a new ground location and support it in every way that they can. Every other football club that I have visited over the years and that is over 200 Non League Clubs obtain support from their local Council. Kettering Council have never shown any tangeable assistance, but seek to take credit for the actions of the Football Club when they are doing well. Mr Hakeswell you are betraying the wishes of the many local people who vote for you

  5. Neil Streather Hong Kong HONG KONG

    Been a fan since the 70\'s when I lived in cowper street, my family still lives there and I have a house there. About time the council recognised that Kettering is on the map due to football, not politicians. I watched the recent Leeds Kettering game live in Hong kong and with millions of other people in Asia. They know of kettering because of KTFC. What better advertising can you have for your town.

  6. Benjamin Goodman UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Ivor Biggen Cockermouth UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Jon Morris Sheffield UNITED KINGDOM

    Shocking that a local council won\'t back it\'s team.

  9. james pope kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    i want the poppies to live….

  10. stephen short kettering FRANCE

    kbc please sort this out.

  11. sheelagh short kettering FRANCE

    as someone who taught in the town foe 30+ years i feel this should be resolved for the up and coming generation

  12. Chris Mastree Kettering UNITED KINGDOM
  13. liam wright ormskirk UNITED KINGDOM
  14. craig mclean UNITED KINGDOM
  15. John Winchester Tonbirdge UNITED KINGDOM

    they deserve to stay at their ground, since they are having great success at the moment, and many people would want that to continue at a place which is legendary for them.

  16. Zak Weaver Cardiff UNITED KINGDOM

    save kettering

  17. Jed Lilly UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Marc Dudley Chelmsford NORWAY

    Kettering without Kettering Town, is like a tea bag without hot water. Unthinkable!!!

  19. Abijeet Khanna Acton UNITED KINGDOM

    Please save this team! If you do you will benefit. Trust me!

  20. theo tigotra GREECE
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