Help secure the future and well being of Kettering Town Football Club

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Created October 25, 2009 by Simon


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  1. Wopke Hoekstra Home NETHERLANDS

    We love KTFC(Kettering Town FC/KenTucky Fried Chicken :P)


    Good luck.

  3. Jens Ankjaer DENMARK

    All local communities need to be able to offer sports at the highest possible level. To me financial support from local councils should not be seen as an expense but as an investment that under the right circumstances can be repaid a hundred times.

  4. Ian Lynch IRELAND
  5. Ryan Gilliatt-Kitching Sheffield UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Lukas Jonaitis London LITHUANIA

    save the club!

  7. Daniel Costa PORTUGAL
  8. Mario Alò Cosenza (Italy) ITALY
  9. Jonathan Maclean Kirkcaldy UNITED KINGDOM

    As I lived in Corby for a good 8 years, it\'d be a dire shame to see the poppies fall in such a way – as everything in the Northamptonshire counciling, they always seem to destroy what the people want, so they can build more houses for the immigrants coming into the country – and that\'s plain outrageous

  10. Tomas Delehag Stockholm SWEDEN
  11. Rusty Rafferty UNITED STATES
  12. mark brotherton leeds UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Fabrizio Iacomelli ITALY
  14. Kris Hudson Kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    save our club and the pride of our town!!

  15. Julia Reynolds Kettering UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Andrew Warren Kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    Save our club KBC allow us to get a new ground

  17. Alona Murphy Kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    I\\\\\\\'ve grown up with the Club and my 2 sons are avid fans and season ticket holders, this facility is a boost for the town and the future of our home grown players it needs to stay!!

  18. Bryan Lade Kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    Save our club!

  19. Lisa Lade Kettering UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Sam Blacknell Desborough UNITED KINGDOM
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