Help secure the future and well being of Kettering Town Football Club

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Created October 25, 2009 by Simon


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  1. Adrian Pashley York UNITED KINGDOM

    It would be a real shame for Kettering , to lose it\\\\\\\'s Club , not only in footballing terms but also with the extra profile of the Town and extra influx of travelling supporters , spending their money within the Town

  2. James Tucker Kettering UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Kevin Maltby Kettering


  4. Frank Giordano Barton Seagrave UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Jamie Morton Peterborough UNITED KINGDOM

    Just a very very worried Poppies fan. Don\\\\\\\'t discard 130+ years of history….please!

  6. Aaron Tebbutt Kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    Kettering needs it\'s team. This is a massive opportunity for Kettering Borough Council to make a difference to the local community that they are supposed to represent. The failures are there for all to see… the market place, the one way system \\r\\nthe bus station. Please make this one work KBC!!

  7. carla bambridge kettering
  8. cameron Robertson kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    we need a ground.

  9. Kate Goodfellow Kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    A football club represents the heart of a town. Its definition is a group of players selected and motivated to work together as a team. Why would you remove a part of kettering that brings people – players, supporters, managers, volunteers.. car park attendants! all spectrums of society from the young to the old that come together to experience something they enjoy.
    Why would you remove somewhere that gives a small town publicity – you can\'t get splashed over ITV that easily, well not for a positive reason?
    kettering football club brings so much to our town and has a great history behind it that would be destroyed. I know the site lease is running out but instead of contemplating whether to close it down both the council and managers should work together (as a team!!) to find another location or to bring something positive in this situation. Both the council and managers need to work together to sort this problem out and to keep our trusted football club!

  10. finbarr finn kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    i believe that kettering borough council should realise how important the poppies are to kettering town. the general perception is that the borough council has no interest in the club, it is now time for the council to demonstrate this is not the case by publicly announcing its intention to insure the future of the club; specifically in relation to securing a permanent home for the club.

  11. Jen Dobson UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Mike Hunt Kettering UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Brian Thomas Adair Kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    Please save our Club Kettering Town Football club.

  14. Callum Haynes Market Harborough UNITED KINGDOM

    Please find a solution!

  15. matthew farren kettering UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Kenneth Mason Kettering UNITED KINGDOM

    Fingers crossed

  17. andrew forsden barton seagrave UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Ron Vickers kettering UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Allison Clunes Coventry UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Dale Fortune raunds UNITED KINGDOM
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