Help stop animal cruelty

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Created May 13, 2010 by destiny

Animal Welfare

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  1. destiny pyne UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Gabby Porter UNITED KINGDOM

    I am a vegeterian and encourage everyone else to be too. People need to be educated about the things going on behind closed doors.

  3. Jennifer Gartland Manchester UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Lena Lafitte FRANCE

    .. Help Animals !!!

  5. abbey mackenzie wales UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Rachel Beattie livingston UNITED KINGDOM

    Animal cruelty is sick help stop it now

  7. Frances Meldrum Aberlady UNITED KINGDOM

    We must do all we can to help put a stop to animal cruelty everywhere , No more weak laws for those that abuse , stronger sentences required.

  8. ben kember UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Victoria Salter UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Stacey Arkless UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Alice Gibson Glasgow UNITED KINGDOM

    any cruelty towards animals is completely disgusting and should be stopped!

  12. katherine cooper york UNITED KINGDOM

    needs to be stopped now its so upsetting

  13. veronique gacoin sunbury on thames UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Esmee Jonker Ashford UNITED KINGDOM


  15. Magdalena Mazurek London CANADA
  16. Anon Anon UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Kayleigh Brooks Crawley UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Daisy Caig Crawley UNITED KINGDOM
  19. danielle shaw blackburn UNITED KINGDOM

    I do not agree with any animal cruelty, today i watched the most horrendous video online, a bear who was in a cage trapped starving and drinking out of a coco cola bottle, whilst foreigners where sharing the joys of it! this is not right, and needs to be stopped. people dont realise how much hurt these animals are going through in foreign countries, more charity days need to be organised and i am willing to do anything toi help these poor animals, we wouldnt like being a cgae and the goverment and mot human kind wouldnt allow so why allow these animals?????? STOPS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Rebecca Case Aberdeen

    Animal testing on cosmetics and household cleaning products(bleach, soaps, disinfectant, etc. etc.) is utterly ridiculous and so many animals die from experiments every year. Go animal testing free!

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