Immunity From Prosecution of War Crimes of Leaders in Exchange for All Western Alliiances and Forces to be Withdrawn From All Middle Eastern Countries in Conflict Immediately

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Created May 11, 2011 by elizabeth


Remove all threat of potentionial conviction of war crimes for all leaders and military, past and present, in exchange for the immediate withdrawal of all forces from all countries in the Middle East and / any country suffering conflict or war zone. No troops must be allowed to fire any weapon until withdrawal, unless in self-defence that can be proven without doubt in a court of law. Any current occupations by western allies to cease activity immediately and only help with domestic duties of the country occupied by any western alliance, until troops and all allies are home. Western Alliance countries include all of Europe, UK, USA, Canada and all active allies.

There are currently 3 signatures for this petition:

  1. elizabeth robillard Kensington UNITED KINGDOM

    Please sign.

  2. Marlene Burkitt Sacramento UNITED STATES
  3. Anon E Mous London UNITED KINGDOM
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