Improve And Provide Adequate Toilet And Ablution Facilities At Brunel University Muslim Prayer Room

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Created October 16, 2017 by Kariem Ali


To whom it may concern

we firstly thank brunel university for providing a prayer room and other facilities for muslims students who wish to use them. However with the large muslim population the facilities are unfortunately not enough and not suitable for the number of students and not purpose built. There are currently only 2 individual use toilets on the same floor as the prayer room. Meaning only 2 people can use it at any one time. There is also a toilet facility outside the building about a minute walk away from the prayer room which is not suitable for the needs of the students which i will explain why below. We as muslims require to perform ablution (known as wudhu), this involves pouring water on the face, arms, and wiping/washing head and feet. As you know on a cold british day, it can be very hard to walk in the cold to get to the prayer room. This may cause some students to fall ill and is also not convenient. Once you do ablution ideally you would walk straight into the prayer room and perform the prayers to get to lectures on time. The 2 toilets on same floor as the prayer room are insufficient and difficult for students to get access to, there can be long queues at times as well as higher chance of toilets being blocked or out of order due to high usage (which has been the case in the past which means only one works). We also are required to wash our private parts once we have finished from the toilet, a form of ritual purification as well as for hygiene reasons. This means it is not easy to use other facilities in the university unless we wash the toilet seat to ritually purify it which can cause a mess, and also sinks would need to be close by to use a bottle for washing ourselves (which is not the case in the university toilets). Our proposal is firstly that new toilet facilities are created on the same floor or the floors below the prayer room, all toilets (including existing ones just outside the prayer room) are equipped with a doosh for muslim students to wash themselves after the toilet (rather than use bottles so there would be no need for sinks to be close to the toilet). Secondly for new ablution facilities to be built for muslim students (one for males and one for females) to perform ablution (wudhu) with ease and within the same building of the prayer room, ideally the same floor if possible. Other universities such as kingston university (penrhyn road) for example are fully equipped with purpose built facilities suitable and convenient for muslim students to use, so we hope that brunel university can follow. We thank you in advance for your consideration and time, we also thank you again for providing us with the current facilities which has helped us enormously to perform our prayers and get on with university life at the same time. Kindest regards

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