Judicial review (Reform) of the IPP sentence

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Created October 20, 2011 by Callie

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I wish to inform the public of the growing prison population & extreme prison sentences given to those in custody. I developed knowledge of the Criminal justice systems failings of reducing reoffending as a Prison officer. I uncovered an unjust system leaving people helpless without opportunities & resources to address their offending behavior. The result is overgrowing prison populations & lack of space for those who committed heinous crimes. My concern is the IPP sentence. For more information please visit ipppetitioninfo.co.uk

I am petitioning the government to reform the prison system. In particular the IPP sentence which I believe should be abolished and replaced with sentences that either have a release date or life sentence dependant on the crime. This I know is a far way of in the future however I request the government to take steps today in addressing the current penal system and call for the government to reform the Prison system by conducting judicial reviews of all the IPP cases ensuring the sentence passed reflects severity of crime. To research the 3,500 IPP cases still in custody after their expiry date. Look into providing those serving the IPP sentence options for release i.e. have they been supplied with offending behavior courses? If not make them priority for those courses. Make a policy to supply courses before their tariff expiry so they can reduce the risk of re offending & prove to the parole board if they no longer pose a risk to the society.




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  1. Susan Jane Treeton UNITED KINGDOM

    My friend got a 21/2 year sentance should have been out in 17 months, last week he entered his 7th year. enough is enough

  2. Theo Morgan UNITED KINGDOM

    Needs reformation for a safer community.


    How can someone be given a sentence “Just in case” they may or may not break the law in the future? This is a crime in itself!

  4. Rosemary Withey UNITED KINGDOM

    How can someone proove they are suitable for release unless they are release to proove it. This IPP sentence is a barbaric sentence that should be addresses NOW.

  5. philip withey UNITED KINGDOM

    Barbaric, no end to a dark tunnel.

  6. shelley pippen UNITED KINGDOM

    this sentence needs changing…give us a release date for both prisoners and their familys

  7. Melanie

    We need as many signatures as we can. Our loved ones are years over their tariff, done the courses and ”in case” they reoffend theyre kept in prisons. Come on this is inhumane please show your support and sign.

  8. michel gales UNITED KINGDOM

    d gales c. gales

  9. mr gill hartlepool UNITED KINGDOM

    my son 2 years been in 8 with no hope of getting out the man he hit did not need a hospital ok 2 yeas s but 10 or 20 year s if a man from the uk got this in china the ed be hall on.if you keep a dog in a cage for long time it will bite you wen let out the goverment are p utting the publik at risk even a fool cantell you that

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