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Created September 23, 2010 by KAY

Human Rights

My son Nick Rose was convicted of a murder he did not commit….The murder was supposed to have happened on the 28th feb 2004, to this day there has been no body found….
He was convicted in feb 2005 and has been in prison now for over 6 years…we have had one appeal but we were very naive and we rushed in without being ready, his case has been looked at by the CCRC and they refused to send him for an appeal, without investigating the case properly, they left questions/investigations unanswered and made mistakes, but it seems they are answerable to no-one….
There are so many mistakes made in this case from beginning to end, and a young man's liberty is at stake, so we have to get this case re-tried…..we need as many signatures as we can get to help get Nick home with his family…
So if you think this case should be re-tried please sign this petition….

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  1. mcginlay michelle barnstaple UNITED KINGDOM

    this boy needs 2 b at home wit his family but instead he is in prison for something he DID NOT DO. my heart goes out 2 him and his lovely family xx

  2. chloe friday london UNITED KINGDOM
  3. nancy twomey london UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Josephine Drummond Paisley UNITED KINGDOM

    Very poor evidence and why have so many people saw this girl after the alleged murder? something is terribly wrong here!!!

  5. debbie currie hersham UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Mary Smith tiverton UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Paul Fisher Carlisle UNITED KINGDOM

    Justice for Nick Rose as he is clearly innocent & this is clearly a miscarriage of justice .

  9. Julie Mayling UNITED KINGDOM

    The evidence is shaky and the timeline is far from acceptable. This case needs to be retried. I believe Nick is innocent, but for those of you who think he may have committed the crime are you 100% sure? If not, there could be a murderer roaming the streets gloating that they got away with it, which could mean they might try again. Is it really worth the risk?

  10. kay buchan UNITED STATES

    please get this sorted and let this man have his life back again

  11. Steve Lovell UNITED STATES

    keep going Kay. you will get justice for Nick xxx

  12. lee davis AUSTRALIA

    Thought I had done this already :(…………..

    This wrong needs to be righted…NOW!!!

  13. christine robinson UNITED KINGDOM

    I believe this case was a stitch up. So do so many others. Needs to be looked at with fresh eyes and the new home secretary. The police involved in this prosecution should be investigated.



  15. Zoey Ricky Bracey-Donahue UNITED KINGDOM

    Nick is innocent and i will help Kay and the rest of Nicks family in any way I can to get the justice Nick deserves x

  16. andrea archer UNITED KINGDOM

    good luck xx


    Hope he gets out and can see how his kid is growing up. This is so sad!

  18. Sylvia NETHERLANDS

    Hope justice wil be done soon.

  19. Christina Walton UNITED KINGDOM

    This is not justice. This is wrong.

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