Justice for the Zig zag dogs

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Created July 17, 2011 by fred


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    Please ask GA/Ge what happened to the dogs at Zig zag

  2. Sheryl Pagan UNITED KINGDOM

    Justice for these dogs!

  3. Jaana Jaakkola SWEDEN

    Justice for these dogs!!

  4. judy sanders UNITED STATES

    This cannot afford to be swept under carpet explanations need to be made of where those poor greys ended up

  5. Patricia Lohmann GERMANY

    Please investigate and make sure all dogs are safe!

  6. Patricia Lohmann GERMANY

    Animal abuse is not to be taken lightly, there has to be more investigation!

  7. Brittany UNITED STATES

    Justice for those dogs!

  8. Melody Bloch UNITED STATES

    I <3 greyhounds!

  9. Duska

    Justice be served!

  10. Michael Yarwood UNITED KINGDOM

    The Greyound Racing is a vile industry that is quite happy to keep the likes of the zig zag dogs common practice to find fast dogs

  11. Pamerla Meier UNITED STATES

    Dog racing is animal abuse!!!!

  12. Elizabeth Munden UNITED KINGDOM

    a public enquiry is needed for these dogs, they cannot be forgotten so easily!

  13. Elizabeth Munden UNITED KINGDOM

    There need to be an enquiry for these dogs, they cannot be simply forgotten

  14. melanie morris UNITED KINGDOM

    we want justice

  15. melanie morris UNITED KINGDOM

    We want justice for the dogs

  16. julia AUSTRALIA

    I’d like to ask if you can offer some explanation as to what happened to the 70 greyhounds they purported to help.

  17. Chris

    21st Century – time for compassion and understanding!

    • fred fazey UNITED KINGDOM

      For understanding and compassion to take place the truth first needs to be established

  18. Clair murgatroyd UNITED KINGDOM

    We speak out for greyhounds we are their voices.

  19. Anik Perusse

    Stop animal abuse …


    Greyhound racing is barbaric and should be ilegal.

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