Keep British Stock Exchange Out Of Foreign Hands

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Created March 18, 2016 by f e sharpe


Please support this petition to keep the british stock exchange out of foreign hands.

There are currently 9 signatures for this petition:

  1. Jean lancaster UNITED KINGDOM

    Europe are dinosaurs protectionism is the name of their game – the London stock exchange proves a free-market capitalism and is admired and has hugely valuable world wide dealngs in recognition of this success. Let the Germans take over – and dismal failure appears not :) e horizon. All our success will be worn down mismanaged and stolen by a sclerotic Europe – have always been jealous of our success. This is the final chapter of the taking over of Britain by Europe. Cameron and Osborne have betrayed us all.

  2. A M Hoskings UNITED KINGDOM

    Under no circumstances should this country allow any foreign country to control our financial system..

  3. david moss-baker UNITED KINGDOM

    Yet another vital British Business under threat of being taken over by a foreign company.
    Despite the promises British jobs will be lost, British revenue will be lost and British expertise will be lost. Just so some Greedy people will make a fast buck.If this goes ahead, the EU will cheer, they,ve wanted to take this away from London for years and take total control of our financial system. WHY do our so called political leaders allow this sort of thing to continue. Its nothing short of an invasion by the back door.
    Rolls Royce Aero Engine Division Next ?

  4. Neill Graham UNITED KINGDOM

    It has always been British & should remain so, certainly keep eu out of it especially frogs & crouts. Neill

  5. Neill Graham UNITED KINGDOM

    Send confirmation

  6. Jacqueline F. Gibbs UNITED KINGDOM

    This merger with Deutsche Boerse must NOT go ahead. It will be the final nail in the coffin for Britain. Germany and France protect their financial interests so why is our Goverment not stepping in and protecting ours? Selling the LSE is undignified, selling to the Germans is the final indiginity. They have always envied our LSE and have always wanted to get their hands on it. There is no financial need for the LSE to merge or be taken over.

  7. keith j mason

    keep all transactions in british hands

  8. Bernard Farr UNITED KINGDOM

    Wary of Internet fraud

  9. Tony bennett UNITED KINGDOM

    Our stock exchange is paramount to our standing in the world,if Frankfurt merged with London ,Frankfurt say they will have a bigger share. No London should either lead or remain independent.
    Frankfurt want to steal the business, just the French/German companies want take over our utilities to subsidise their home markets at our expense.

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