Keep Minimum Voting Age 18 In Future European Referendum Vote

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Created November 15, 2015 by f e sharpe


To the united kingdom government, please take notice of this petition and keep the minimum voting age at 18 for anyone entitled to vote through out the united kingdom in a future united kingdom european referendum vote.

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  1. David Southworth UNITED KINGDOM

    Sadly, it’s true. A sixteen year old is almost always too immature to consider the full implications of casting their vote. Characters are still being formed and the days of being easily-led, idealistic or just plain silly are, frequently, not yet gone. Eighteen is the ideal age at which to confer the franchise.


    How many under 18′s have any idea what the referendum is about and how the result will affect us all for a long time. This is too important to our country, so immature easily influenced youngsters should not have a vote.

  3. Phillip Hoyland UNITED KINGDOM

    Majority of young people under 18 are not fully aware of the real issues.
    They may easily be unduly swayed by false promises or short term ‘fashionable’ ideas.

  4. Mr L. C. Lewis UNITED KINGDOM


  5. Michael Watt UNITED KINGDOM

    At 16 they are far too young to fully understand what politics is all about. At that age they may think they know all there is to know but in fact are still on a learning curve

  6. Michael Watt UNITED KINGDOM

    Reason already given in previous mail


    No experience of issues as serious as this.Too easily led by others.

  8. Mr.Leslie Porter

    Teenagers become more mature at aged 18 and left childish things behind.I think at this age they are better at understanding and resolving complex problems.

  9. lynn marsay UNITED STATES

    No representation when they have no real idea of what’s at stake. Neither do a lot of adults but cannot do anything about that.

  10. lynn marsay UNITED STATES

    why am i having to comment on adding a signature. not a user-friendly site

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