Keep Scotland Part Of The Union

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Created March 12, 2016 by f e sharpe


Please support this petition to the united kingdom government to keep scotland part of the united kingdom now and in the future.

There are currently 9 signatures for this petition:

  1. Stanley Eadie UNITED KINGDOM

    NO realy means NO

  2. Stanley Eadie UNITED KINGDOM


  3. Brenda Bruce UNITED STATES

    Doesn’t Nicola Sturgeon remember that she failed in the referendum? And that was without the votes of those of us who were unable to record our views at the time as a result of living in the south. United we stand, divided we fall.

  4. Kathryn Hislop

    The reasons have been well aired. I don’t need to repeat them, however, for years I have been proud to call myself both Scottish and British but the longer this campaign to withdraw Scotland from the Union drags on, the more embarrassed I will be to call myself Scottish.

  5. MaureenD Gill UNITED KINGDOM

    We are better together and stronger

  6. Linda Forrest UNITED KINGDOM

    We are better united

  7. Osian Townsend Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    Surely Scotland is better off sticking with England, Wales and Northern Ireland? What would their economy survive on? Whiskey?

  8. Robert wright UNITED KINGDOM

    Have is a terrible thing surgeon hates all people who are against her doctrine how can a MSP tell all mps to do what they are told do they not have a opinion better together

  9. Dennis Morrison LUXEMBOURG


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