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Created February 10, 2015 by Jon-Paul Winters

This is a petition to retract the rule change and reinstate the previous snore rules (or something like them) for the 1450 class, for the year of 2015. Scr38 doors and latches

the doors of the vehicle must be made of the same material as delivered by the manufacturer of original product. This includes but is not limited to the door shell. The door must attach and function on the factory latch and hinges as delivered from the manufacturer. Inside and outside handles must remain, allowing door to be opened from the inside and outside of the vehicle. Material may be removed from inside of door to make room for roll cage but is not to interfere with latch mechanism or door hinges. Door internals may be removed such as regulators, windows and window tracks. Secondary door latch is required if the nets are attached to the door. The purpose of this petition is to make visible to snore officials that the 2015 rule changes are not widely accepted by current 1450 racers. The rules stated above or something similar should be discussed in open forum and put to a vote at or before the drivers meeting proceeding the first race of the 2015 racing season, “battle at primm”. Please sign the petition with your driver name and proposed 2015 race number.

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