Keep This Dangerous Paedophile Locked Up For The Full 15 Years

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Created December 21, 2016 by Wendy Muhly


In 2009 david bowles from portsmouth, known in beckton and dagenham area. This animal was sentenced to 15 years for the rape and abuse of 5 children brave enough to speak out. These were historical cases starting when he was a teenager until he was sentenced. I have personally witnessed the devastation these attacks have had on some of his victims and still have 40 years on. Help us keep him locked up until 2024 the full 15 years which to be honest is nothing , but it will give us a great comfort knowing this animal is locked up away from future victim’s. He showed no remorse despite pleading guilty to one of the victims and he will always be a paedophile his been one for 40 years plus. Please sign

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  1. Wendy Muhly


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