Let Accident Victims Keep Their Compensation

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Created November 25, 2010 by Nicholas


Lord Young has recommended (at the request of David Cameron) changes to the accident claims process which will see millions of people losing a portion of their accident claim compensation. The only beneficiaries of these changes will be insurance companies and the Government.

Lord Young

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    This proposal is immoral and appears to be based on a shallow justification under the banner of ‘in the public interest’. I consider that it is nothing more than the financial and political persuasion of the large insurance companies that are fueling this law change. This should be stopped as it would exclude so many people from accessing the necessary legal assistance and leaving them to suffer the medical consequences of someone else’s negligence.

  2. barry porter UNITED KINGDOM

    instead of dealing with lack of care and neglect in hospitals they are trying to reduce the claims amount this obviously only confirms they know just how bad the nhs care is causing ultimate deaths due to the ongoing lack of care and neglect

  3. Natasha Anne Elliott UNITED KINGDOM

    Its disgusting… This government want to make money from there own mistakes!

  4. Lynne Charnock UNITED KINGDOM

    This is disgrceful, what a ridiculous thing to propose, the goverment takes enough of us all as it is without giving us enough in the first place..if we have won the compensation then it should be us that has it all,otherwide whats the point ot being able to claim in the first place.
    For some people this is the only way ti accept some bad things that had to cause upset in their lives.

  5. Sandie Tangen UNITED KINGDOM

    The governement always seems to find a way to make more money!!!!

  6. julie englefield UNITED KINGDOM

    this is so unfair, the government continue to take more and more money from people in financial difficulties or on low pay or elderly. I would like to know how they would manage to cope with living in poverty. I am ashamed of our government and do not trust any one of them!!

  7. rufia khatun UNITED KINGDOM

    Once again, government trying to make more money, as if they haven’t got enough. Perhaps, if they put more money into the NHS there wouldn’t be thousands of claims in the first place. Pathetic…

  8. Amir shahzad UNITED KINGDOM

    sorry david, you cant just do whatever you want

  9. Diana Renshaw UNITED KINGDOM

    I am about to embark on a claim to get some compensation for having my life ruined. I will need all of it if it is successful. How dare the Government try to make our lives more difficult in the name of greed and mismanagement of the running of this country.

  10. Nelisile Dube SPAIN

    This is outrageous! My sister was recently sued for assault and was successful but she needed ALL the money to pay her medical expenses…

  11. Dolores Mulkerrins UNITED KINGDOM

    I know three people who have over the past 20 years suffer from ongoing severe (incapacitated so they cannot move head from pillow) to milder daily symptoms (pain in neck shoulders, headaches, stiffness and restricted head and neck movement and restricted activities because it brings on more severe symptoms) from whiplash and in my opinion it is under compensated for the level trauma and loss of function and the pain and suffering endured. These things never CURE they remain with you for the rest of your life and have to be managed by painkillers (which also have an adverse affect on your overall health) or alternatives such as physio which is expensive. They need MORE compensation and not less for GENUINE cases. What needs to happen is that the people who cash in on mild accidents need to be assessed over longer periods and NO ‘compensation’ paid at least within the first year and perhaps even the first 24 months. The people who solicit business in order to earn a quick buck in this area should be ashamed of themselves and it is THEIR activities that should be curtailed and not further punish those wh already suffer this life changing incident.

  12. Catherine Van Der Walt UNITED KINGDOM

    My daughter suffered a head injury at school & her personality changed.

  13. denise king UNITED KINGDOM

    Full compensation should mean just that and legal costs should be paid on top!


    People need this money to pay rent like me that have lost earning due to being off work, go and tax someone else greedy government.

  15. donna cross

    it wasnt the government that had accident. why should they keep pocketing money. they have enough of their own. and some they shouldnt have.

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