Let’s Get Rid Of Nick Halling

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Created July 30, 2014 by Alex Huckerby


Are you a british boxing fan? Are you having to listen to ridiculous biased commentary that barely makes sense anymore? Is there a man in your life you could do without? Yes, that’s right nick “this guy is teak tough” halling must go. From comparing mexican journeymen to marco antonio barrera, to saying the word “fella” every five seconds, to only supporting them if they’re british and clearly not actually following the sport properly outside of the fights that he has to cover, he really is a spare wheel. A spare wheel that could do with lighting on fire, being locked in a chest and buried 200 feet under the sea. Our boxing community online is a strong one, let’s get our voice heard, or at the very bloody least we could get nick to read this and he could realise just how much a man sausage he has been recently and get him to stop being so crap. For freedom!!

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