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Created April 30, 2010 by Ben


We believe there should be a single ‘London Cycle Map’ that’s clear and easy to use and corresponds to a unified network of signed cycle routes throughout Greater London: the cycling equivalent of the London Underground Map.

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    I am a Spanish student moving to London next month and I would highly appreciate a single map showing all cycle lanes in central London. Great idea!

  2. Eliza Kaminska UNITED KINGDOM

    I am a regular bike user all over London. London Cycle Map is such a great idea and I will definitely be using it.

  3. Nick Harris-Fry UNITED KINGDOM

    Great idea

  4. David Chadwick UNITED KINGDOM

    Great idea from passionate cyclists

  5. Nikolay Kosherov UNITED KINGDOM

    I cycle every day and I think this is an amazing idea! A map that will keep you away from the London’s busy streets, where cyclists are vulnerable, can make a difference and possibly reduce the number of incidents between cyclists and vehicles.

  6. Colin Parker UNITED KINGDOM

    I come to London for at least 2 weeks each year & would love to have a unified cycle map.

  7. Chris Visser UNITED KINGDOM

    The city is too large to navigate without a clear continuos marked routes for cycling.

  8. James Rose UNITED KINGDOM

    Its a nightmare, when I do see a cycle lane sign its usually too late and I’ve been choked on fumes when I’m only a few roads away from a less busy route!

  9. Robert Moore UNITED KINGDOM

    I support this petition as the schemes that are being rolled out by The Mayor’s cycling “czar” are damaging to all Londoners and completely ignore the manageable alternatives that are apparent to every thinking road user in London

  10. neil barker

    I am often in london on business and like to bring my folding bike to get around. Finding my way around is a nightmare. I use google maps and earphones but i constantly get lost. This system would make life so much simpler

  11. Tom Simpson UNITED KINGDOM

    Well needed

  12. Lucia Quenya UNITED KINGDOM

    Please please, the information out there on cycle routes in London is pitiful. This would be great.

  13. Wolf Simpson UNITED KINGDOM

    I looked for an easier way to get from Liverpool St to Waterloo as Underground doesnt allow cycles, I couldnt find a clear concise & easy to understand & follow route on any map for cycling. We really need to do this!

  14. Michele Mas

    Makes it safer for cyclists and allows the trunk roads and designated bus & taxi lanes to be used more efficiently

  15. John Glover

    Great idea

  16. Mark Madden UNITED KINGDOM

    Just to make life easier for us on the streets of London

  17. Philip Kyne UNITED KINGDOM

    Years ago when visiting London for the first time , using the tube was great as you could work out how to get from A to B with out knowing the geography .A few years ago I cycled from my city accommodation to a cycle maintenance course in Shoreditch.Over the two week course I changed my hostel accommodation every three nights so I really got experience the streets with London transport cycle maps I had picked up. It was great to use the less populated roads and cycle ways but how much more convenient it would be be to use the cycle tube map to work out a route before heading off and not have to stop to check your navigation.This idea would be great to see.

  18. Macey Munro UNITED KINGDOM

    Would help allow better expoloration of this great city

  19. Angela Dunmore UNITED KINGDOM

    Find following cycle routes extraordinarily hard.

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