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Created April 8, 2010 by Ben


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  1. rowan ridley UNITED KINGDOM

    brilliant opportunity to make motorsport more available to everyone without having the cost of going to large circuit events.

  2. David Wilkins UNITED KINGDOM

    Amend the law to facilitate motor sport and other activities on public roads without the need for an Act of Parliament.

  3. Nick Harding UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s a no brainer, of course it should be alowed

  4. Matthew Oakley UNITED KINGDOM

    Allow british motorsport to compete

  5. Robert Pursey UNITED KINGDOM

    Don’t let the NIMBY’s keep getting away with stifling British sport.

  6. Will Pretty UNITED KINGDOM

    How rude of the Parliament to not allow it

  7. dawn grainger UNITED KINGDOM


  8. philip jones UNITED KINGDOM

    I am in .

  9. philip jones UNITED KINGDOM

    I am in ….

  10. dai wealsh UNITED KINGDOM

    cant wait for closed roads…

  11. dec fomer UNITED KINGDOM

    support closed roads.

  12. Ann & John Richardson

    Apart from the benefit to motor sport itself, the financial benefits to the population and commerce in the locations will be considerable. Hotels, retail premises, garages, cafe’s and resturants will all benefit significantly.
    Just look at the Isle of Mull and the Duns Borders area (Jim Clark Rally) for examples of this, together with Northern Ireland, Jersey and Guernsey.

  13. Joshua Folks UNITED KINGDOM

    Must be done!

  14. Richard Egger UNITED KINGDOM

    Motorsport can be a major boost to local economies and permitting road closures would enable more communities to benefit.

  15. Malcolm Clark IRELAND

    Use by the like of Hillclimbs / Sprints and Autotests would not involving closing miles of road and would therefore be of minimum, if any, disruption to local inhabitants but the commerce benefits would still apply

  16. Chris Ladkin

    Surely we can all see the economic benefits to communities where events will be based.

  17. John Crundwellt

    I’m in

  18. John hardy

    Hope we get this sorted we need closed roads

  19. John hardy

    Lets hope we get this sorted we need closed roads for events,funny how they can do it for cycle races and marathons,and the Olympics.

  20. Steven Law UNITED KINGDOM

    “Real Roads Racing” is so much better!

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