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Created August 7, 2010 by Peter


In 2008 Nationwide Building Society indicated in television advertisements that it considered the imposition of additional fees and commissions to be unfair.

From 1 November 2010, Nationwide Building Society will itself impose such charges and is therefore taking a course of action which, by its own admission is in breach of Principle 6 of the Financial Services Authority, which says, "A firm must pay due regard to the interests of its customers and treat them fairly."

Further, Principle 1 says "A firm must conduct its business with integrity."

We consider Nationwide Building Society to be in breach of this principle too because is taking a course of action that it has publicly stated to be contrary to Principle 6.

We call upon Nationwide Building Society to reinstate the previous policy of allowing its members free access to their money, whereever they happen to be.

There are currently 327 signatures for this petition:

  1. Marian Nutley Andover UNITED STATES

    I opened a Nationwide account soley because of the free foreign withdrawals. i live mainly in spain which means that every transaction i undertake is now charged at £1 and then 20%. I have complained and told them i will be leaving their company, they are not the slightest bit interested. all i have received is their standard reply.

  2. Gavin Forrest Bexhill SPAIN

    very un fair as I access my money regulary abroad

  3. Avril Waddington Calheta, Madeira PORTUGAL

    I live in Madeira, Portugal and the charges make quite a difference to me. It would be nice not to have them.

  4. Joseph Lyons Bingley UNITED KINGDOM

    I joined to get the charges free transaction when abroad.
    I am 80 years old and do not qualify for Nationwide's FREE Travel insurance so I lose both ways

  5. Gloria Shaw Fuengirola UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Gordon Hopewell Marlow UNITED KINGDOM

    They now behave just like a bank.
    Check out the salaries the top guys pay themselves.

  7. siliver with controltalk lady gaga heartbeats CHINA

    siliver with controltalk lady gaga heartbeats

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