Nationwide foreign charges

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Created August 7, 2010 by Peter


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  1. nina smith birmingham FRANCE
  2. john White bristol UNITED KINGDOM

    the only reason i opened an account with nationwide was theno charge for withdrawals abroad

  3. Susan Spray Selby UNITED KINGDOM

    Free travel insurance in exchange is of no use to me.

  4. Chris Stansfield Mansfield UNITED KINGDOM

    Nationwide should reconsider this decision immediately. The travel insurance offer is discriminatory for 0ver 65's.

  5. Andrew & Joyce McFarlane Bridport UNITED KINGDOM

    We are shareholders and should make the decisions.

  6. Joyce `McFarlane Bridport UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Michael & Bridget Broggio Bristol UNITED KINGDOM

    Members (not customers) since 1987, but maybe for not much longer. The management are acting with arrogant contempt by charging everyone instead of restricting Flexaccount to genuine users.

  8. Paul Andrew Davidson Derby ESTONIA
  9. Sharon Emmerson Lockerbie UNITED KINGDOM

    This move is rubbish and will end our dealings with Nationwide and punish british mission/ aid workers overseas.

  10. Charles Marshall Cambuslang SPAIN
  11. Philip Quinn La Porcherie FRANCE

    I live in France. I use a Nationwide flex account for my currency and purchessing needs as it gives me a good rate and no charges.
    Now we are to lose this benefit. On top of the poor exchange rate we are to to suffer even more financial deprivation.
    Further, the much trumpeted "Free travel insurance" only applies to U.K. residents. I also tried to apply on line for a credit card but it stalled at my attempts to insert my telephone no. (French) despite the fact that you have mydetails on file.
    I do not know if Natiowide assessed the proportion of its investors living abroad before deciding upon this course, but the main reasons for having an account for them is now gone. We all of us now need to look at alternate means for using our funds for everyday living.What does the term "Mutual" now mean?

  12. John Turner Huddersfield UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Jonnny Lewis Tamworth TAIWAN

    Long standing Nationwide customer: now about to move banks due to this debacle.

  14. Zac McDonough Rickmansworth

    Second rate bank, not the organisation I used to do business with.

  15. Stephen Perkins Manila PHILIPPINES


  16. mark luscombe-whyte FRANCE
  17. Polly Thomas London

    I will be closing all my accounts with Nationwide should the company not respond favourably to the points made in this petition

  18. S Boussidan LIndo
  19. S H Boussidan london

    Will close account if they do not reverse policy, bc I feel outraged at such a blunt and crude change of policy.

  20. Campbell Andrew Livingston UNITED KINGDOM
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