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Created July 7, 2009 by Albert


Please sign this petition to have your say on whether or not Nintendo should make a software allowing Wii/DS users to make their own games without needing to have any game design expertise in a way similar to Engine001 but for Wii or DS.
Maybe they could even make a NGM (Nintendo Game Maker) Channel for users to upload their own titles and download other titles
Perhaps, although this might be going too far, there could be a rewards system. By this I mean people put their games on the channel and if there are X amount of downloads the up loader would get X amount of Nintendo points and they would be able to make their game cost so much (say 200 points) of which Nintendo would get 150 and the uploader would get the other 50.
But should Ninety release 'Nintendo Game Maker' software?

There are currently 8 signatures for this petition:

  1. Albert Appleton Bishopstown, Cork, Ireland IRELAND

    They should!

  2. Michael O'LOUGHLIN poyntzpass UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Jonathan Skylark The Town IRELAND

    Yes that wud be gr8

  4. Roman nazari Abbotsford CANADA

    I wonder why you guy don\'t have the new super mario bros on wii on DS

  5. Jake Johnson Dubai UNITED ARAB EMIRATES


  6. shabo saliba new york SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC


  7. Biscuit Mesa UNITED KINGDOM

    lol lol do it

  8. searas sargsian ARMENIA
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