No free-to-play cash shops!

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Created October 6, 2011 by Kail

Do you hate Premium cash shops on Pay to play games? Do you want to play an imbalanced game where there is nothing but players using the cash shop to boost their stats. Why am I saying this? because NCsoft made the awful decision of introducing 4 items that increases the success rate of manastones on an item.
1. Un-balanced game play.
2. Bad for game economy.
3. Can make players feel un-happy or cheated.
4. Makes players quit the game for not being able to beat other players.
5. De-motivating to players.
6. Not good for players with a small wallet.
7. We’re in the middle of a financial crisis in the EU. Is it really a good idea? O_O

1. Create more items in the shop that are more attractive and would be an item people want to buy without effecting gameplay.
2. Re-word it so the site doesn’t sound like it’s going to imbalance the gameplay.
3. Increase the rate of enchantement stones.(If neccesary)
4. Create something in game like emoticons or new motions and put them in the item shop
5. Make the items in the shop cheaper.
If you agree with this petition please sign it, I plan to send it directly to NCsoft EU and I won’t give up without a fight. All signatures are important so please, please, please sign this petition because if you don’t fight you don’t have the right.

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