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Created May 10, 2010 by Amy


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  1. Lesley Palmer Nottingham UNITED KINGDOM

    The constituency I live in went Tory by a majority of only 214 votes. Had I, and a few others like me voted tactically and stuck with Labour rather than switching to Lib Dem, then Labour would have held the seat. Please don't join with the Tories and make me and others like me regret believing in your party and its policies and giving you our vote.

  2. Diane Telford London UNITED KINGDOM

    I am proud to have a Liberal MP. I will not be proud to see his marvellous record tarnished because he will have to Kow Tow to the Tories. Please don't do it.

  3. Joseph Uddin Warrington UNITED KINGDOM

    Don't side with the backwards thinking Conservatives. I voted for a progressive future with the Liberal Dems. Conservatives do not want Liberal attitudes or a true Democracy.

  4. Teri Holland Glasgow UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Rob McSorley Bicester UNITED KINGDOM

    This is NOT a good idea!! This isn't fair on voters

  6. Jo Shingler Halifax UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Rachael Fox Derby UNITED KINGDOM

    It sould be a big mistake if you had a coalition with the tories! Please don't do it!

  8. Chantelle Coney UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Anna Vickery Chester UNITED KINGDOM
  10. rory green london UNITED KINGDOM

    my partner and i voted lib dem to keep the tories OUT of downing street, a con/lib coalition is not acceptable,and if it happens my life long support of the lib dems will be finished, i will never vote lib dem again!!

  11. Steve Waddington ITALY
  12. Rhian Dockerty Leigh UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Emma Sutton Leeds UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Harry Barham UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Sharon Low East dunbartonshire UNITED KINGDOM

    I say no to conservative / lib dem alliance.
    Yes to labour/ lib dems

  16. deborah davis luton UNITED KINGDOM

    sign up ppl!

  17. Steve Foster UNITED KINGDOM
  18. karen howard Rawtenstall UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Jo Wilson Broxburn UNITED KINGDOM

    No coalition with the Tories! The country does not want this.

  20. Philippa Ody Brighton UNITED KINGDOM
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