No to Tory Police Cuts in London

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Created June 7, 2010 by joe


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  1. Lindsey Rostron London UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Rebecca Salter UNITED KINGDOM

    Cutting the Safer Neighbourhoods teams will be a disaster for this area of London. They are making a real difference to the quality of life.

  3. Lucy Whitman UNITED STATES

    I value our local Safer Neighbourhood Team and strongly protest against the idea of cutting this important service.

  4. Barbara Blake London UNITED KINGDOM

    boris was elected on a ticket of making london a safer place and reducing crime. How can he do this and cut 455 police officers?

  5. luke Caulfield UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Valerie Leach UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Rosemary Moss London UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Giancarlo Canu London UNITED KINGDOM

    Reducing Police resources in a city like London is bizarre to say the least.
    I disagree with the Tory intentions; it is a plain demonstration of many people not being in touch with reality but living in another dimension that most citizens do not recognise.

  9. Judith Johnson London UNITED KINGDOM

    We pay our taxes for the police service. We want to increase police protection in London not cut it

  10. Lorna Reith London UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Rachel Drayton London UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Erika Favory Newington Green FRANCE

    Safety in our streets means keeping it with our police officers feeling being back up by their head-office. Thank you in advance to reverse the decision to cut 455 police officers from London.

  13. Nicola Seyd London UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Ashley DaCosta London UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Agnes Miller Haringey UNITED KINGDOM

    Living in Haringay I am very anxious about the threatened cuts of number of Police Officers. We need more not fewer police on our streets.

  16. Liz Santry London UNITED KINGDOM

    As a retired councillor who represented one of the poorest wards in the city I know the huge difference made by our Safer Neighbourhood Team – crime reduced, potential crime nipped in the bud and residents confidence raised. Please do not cut these teams.

  17. Jan O'Brien Tottenham UNITED KINGDOM

    The safer neighbourhood teams are vital to the safety and well being of all local people.

  18. Geoffrey Winston London UNITED KINGDOM

    The Safer Neighbourhoods Team in our area (Haringey) have made a significant difference and a continue to do so – they have reversed negative crime trends and are dedicated, fully and constructively engaged with tackling local crime effectively, and with responding to community concerns on the ground. This includes international organised crime gangs, drugs, youth gangs, knife crime. burglary, robberies, prostitution, illegal activity by landlords of domestic and commercial properties … pickpocketing and crime on buses – to name a few. They are absolutely vital to the enhancement of the quality of life in this area and the building of a more secure community. Please stick with this incredible initiative.

  19. Sarah Lawson London UNITED KINGDOM

    Having worked with the safer neighbourhood teams in my capacity as a teacher, and having had to call on them as a citizen, I have come to value very highly their contribution to making London a safer and more harmonious place to live. Any cuts in this team, or the metropolitan police force, would be a retrograde step.

  20. Cyrille Ngom London UNITED KINGDOM
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