Overthrow the UK Coalition Government

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Created August 12, 2011 by Shona


Are you sickened by our present government? Are you fed up with the cuts taking place throught Britain? Do you feel the recent riots would never had happened if it were not for a failing government? Do you feel let down by Cameron and Clegg? Do you disagree with a coalition government?
Do you feel it is about time people in this country had a say?
If you answer yes to the above then sign this petition.  Law states it only takes 100,000 signatures to have a government overthrown and a new election to occur.

This petition is now closed and is no longer accepting signatures!

There are currently 12 signatures for this petition:


    I think its about time to stand up for what we believe in.

  2. Janette THom UNITED KINGDOM

    Time for a new govt

  3. Bryan Simpson UNITED KINGDOM

    This government of millionaires and aristocrats have no mandate to govern and certainly no mandate to push through the cuts to our communities they are currently ruthlessly engaged in. Their ideological assault on our jobs, our pensions, our education and our welfare state in general must be met head-on with an ideological class war which confronts the state.

  4. Ross Davidson UNITED KINGDOM

    The country as it stands today is in complete disarray due to the incompetence of our co-alition government. You would think that with two parties controlling the state that there would be twice the chance of success , how wrong can we all be ?. With the country having the highest rate of immigration of any EU state this is only the start of the problems, but don’t get me started or I may never finish. On this note I say lets oust the government from their position of being an over priced punch and judy show which is draining our economy at an alarming rate.


    Reverse the public service cuts including police, NO attacking the population with water cannons or plastic or rubber bullets, impose a special levy on wealth over £1 million to tackle the economic crisis

  6. Andrew Mcvie UNITED KINGDOM

    The country should have known better in the first place than to trust these morons..

  7. Gerry Maguire UNITED KINGDOM

    Good petition hopefully get enough signatures for it

  8. Logan Whyte UNITED KINGDOM

    Cannae vote, but i never liked Cameron because he’s a Torie and Clegg is a man with broken promises. Good enough for me.

  9. Emma McCarthy UNITED KINGDOM

    I have so many comments on the subject I would need 5 pages to myself. Need to speak out and stand up for what is right!!

  10. Anthony Yeung UNITED KINGDOM

    i think there will be a huge rise in crime due to the state the country is in financially, people are struggling to live on there wage, no wonder crime is on the up, i now have a lot less money than i have ever previously had,

  11. Brenda Beddard

    this is an unelected government forcing their policies on people and causing great hardship to decent people

  12. Robert Morrell UNITED KINGDOM

    The cutbacks are too severe. The Government needs to get jobs on the market, and the housing market moving again.

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