Petition to improve packaging methods for LE and CE video games bought online

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Created September 28, 2010 by Gemini-Phoenix


Petition aimed at the distribution centre for GAME / GAMESTATION / GAMEPLAY in regards to using better packaging methods to prevent the damage of items bought online during transit

Many customers and collectors are frustrated at receiving damaged Limited and Collector's Edition video games (which are expensive and often delicate) on a regular basis due to insufficient and inadequate packaging methods. Current methods are not acceptable, and lead to a high volume of damaged goods which could be avoided if the distribution centre were to package these items more securely!

We hereby request that such items are packaged properly with more care and attention in future, to avoid such desireable items from being damaged during transit. Jiffy bags are NOT an acceptable form of packaging for LE's and CE's!

There are currently 14 signatures for this petition:

  1. Matthew Ballinger southampton

    Its very,very frustration when i recieve damaged goods and this is 80-90% of the time.Le,s and Ce's are aimed at colectors who want these products in pristine condition, combine this with a high price tag , myself and others are expecting this to be perfect and not delivered damaged.I have now stopped buying from many places due to the continous damaged goods.

  2. Nick Foulstone UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Tanya Myoko Hamilton Canada CANADA

    All collector's editions should have metal boxes for the disc. And no tape on any cardboard like Halo Reach: Legendary edition and God of War 3: Ultimate edition did.

  4. Gurpal Gill Coventry UNITED KINGDOM

    Because Game has exlcusive releases we have no choice to go with them, at least reward us for buying from you by please using a better pakcgaing method instead of jiffy bag. \r\n

  5. Miles McCaughey Luton UNITED KINGDOM

    It's about time these companies wised up and stopped sending damaged goods out to us for the good money we pay for them!!


    It must be said that i have bought elsewhere rather than trust your mailing service,so this is costing you money (bad for business)

  7. Kenny Howes Sunderland UNITED KINGDOM

    Expensive items need protection from Royal Mail handling

  8. Val Cruz
  9. Jonathan Ladd Chippenha, UNITED KINGDOM

    I have had games arrive from game and due to lack of packaging they ALWAYS arrive damaged. Which is so annoying.

  10. Andrew Fandango UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Daniel Conway Bognor Regis UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Giannis K. GREECE
  13. Skúli Óskar Kim Garðabær ICELAND
  14. Steven Worthy
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