Please Don’t Close All Swindon’s Childrens Centres

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Created December 23, 2015 by Fay Howard


Petition background (preamble):

swindon council plan to

decommission the following five children’s centres currently provided by 4children service to achieve a reduction in the budget for this service

 drove  moredon  gorse hill  pinehurst & penhill  parks & walcot east

instead, create a new family support service running from penhill sure start centre offering targeted help for families with vulnerable children
utilise the remaining four children’s centre buildings for early years’ education and wider community-based services

the two family centres at butterflies in abbey meads and west swindon family centre are not affected by these proposals and continue to be funded in 2016/17 as part of the two year funding commitment made in 2015. This will also apply to the ladybird centre, highworth

we, the undersigned, call upon swindon borough council to keep our children’s centre open. David cameron himself described children’s centres as ‘vital’. We know how valuable our local children centres are

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  1. Jennifer Wright UNITED KINGDOM

    Fully agreed

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