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Created August 10, 2010 by zoe


please help me overturn the council's decision to BAN Mr Russel Burt aged 74 of plympton taking his owls out in public with him and allowing the general public to enjoy seeing these birds up close and allowing Mr Burt the pleasure he has done for many years. Walking the streets of plympton with his lovely birds. Mr Burt has public liability insurance yet the council say he is breaking the law because the owls are a danger to the public & to traffic. Even thought the birds are sercured on leads. These birds are very highly cared for and loved by 99.9% of people who meet them. Mr Burt isn't even allowed to take the birds out to fly them anymore. Please help overturn there decision.

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  1. Zara Jolly UNITED KINGDOM
  2. jane clark liskeard UNITED KINGDOM

    I met Mr Russell today and his owls, they are not dangerous, they are beautiful.

  3. katy gribble ashford UNITED KINGDOM

    owl's are lovely and should be allowed freedom! plus, who would deny an old man his owls!!!

  4. Blagdon Sophie Plymouth UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Alisa Davies UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree. I don't live in plymouth but from what I've read he's doing a great job educating the public

  6. Stacey Arkless UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Sarah Meeker Santa Barbara, California UNITED STATES
  8. Natalia Bussard Vancouver, Canada CANADA
  9. Keith Morris Paignton UNITED KINGDOM

    I was with Russel at a wedding in October. The owls appeared contented and happy enjoying the attention. Political "correctness" gone crazy.

  10. Pat Heckman Winlock

    I think what you are doing is GREAT!!!!!! I would love to have another owl but don't know how or where I could get one. Maybe you could help me


    he is educating people..not causing any harm! leave him alone

  12. Carwyn Jones AUSTRALIA

    Stop the idiotic councils!

  13. Angie Evans UNITED KINGDOM

    If I was a child Id love to see a man casually walking down the street with an owl on his shoulder, if anything dogs are much more harmful so the idea of banning the owls is ridicilous

  14. Tonythegolfer UNITED KINGDOM

    Hi I saw the owls the other day sat down beside them and stroked them, no problem at all it was such a lovely experience as I love owls so very much I wish I had had my camera with me perhaps another time great sight

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