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Created April 17, 2011 by matthew


The River Wensum in North Norfolk is one of the most important freshwater environments in the UK. As such the entire river is designated as a UK Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and a European Special Area of Conservation (SAC). According to the JNNC (Joint Nature Conservation Committee) the river is probably the best whole river of its type in nature conservation terms, with a total of over 100 species of plants, a rich invertebrate fauna and a relatively natural corridor. The river supports an abundant and diverse invertebrate fauna including the native freshwater crayfish (a European protected species), Desmoulin's whorl snail, otters, as well as a high number of nationally protected species.

In January 2001 North Norfolk District Council (NNDC) gave initial approval to plans for the development of a 3.7 hectare site located in the river valley as a Lorry Park and associated fuel storage and silo facilities. This site, located in the village of Great Ryburgh, is located within 400 metres of the SAC and, according to NNDC

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  1. avis judd UNITED KINGDOM

    completely inappropriate development in the village of Ryburgh. Road safety will be compromised further by additional lorry movements through the village on very narrow roads. My particular concern is for other road users; bicycles, walkers and horses using these narrow roads. There is an onus on the planning authorities to make roads safe for all users and I do not believe this point has been taken into account. Nor am I happy that no environmental impact study has been submitted. In an environmentally sensitive area it is imperative to have this in place before any planning permission is granted.

  2. Ann Ringshaw UNITED KINGDOM

    I know first hand how manipulative and controlling this Company can be, and would definitely agree with your petition to keep your countryside as it should be. Give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile.


    Disgusting. The people of the village really must be listened to as they try to preserve the beauty of their environment.

  4. Judith Mossman UNITED KINGDOM

    Good luck, don’t give up!

  5. Philip Trzebiatowski UNITED KINGDOM

    Fight as hard as you can against this proposal.

  6. sandra mann UNITED KINGDOM

    all the best, hope you stop it

  7. Colin Howey UNITED KINGDOM

    We need to resist the presumption to develop and protect and value our habitats – this isn’t about narrow local resistance to change and NIMBY-ism. Biodiversity and natural habitats are not ‘back yards’, our rivers are systems which and if you tamper with one part it has repercussions on the rest. Please join me in signing this petition. Colin (from Norwich)

  8. Oliver Tickell UNITED KINGDOM

    A little diesel can go a long way in a pristine catchment. Stop this development!

  9. Robert Black UNITED KINGDOM

    We do not need this dangerous development. Lets buy local so we don’t need more diesel!

  10. Alyson Northedge UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep up the campaign and good luck

  11. Lynn Arnold UNITED KINGDOM

    Good luck with this campaign

  12. Jon Locke UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep on going and don’t let them beat you down.

  13. Mrs Phyll Cole UNITED KINGDOM

    We are regular visitors to Norfolk and have stayed ay Greatt Ryburgh on a few occassions. The scenery is beautiful and I’m appalled that this proposal has been allowed. Surely there has to be other options?

  14. Dave hardwick UNITED KINGDOM

    Great shame if it went ahead.

  15. John Spearing UNITED KINGDOM

    Resident of Great Ryburgh

  16. Joan Spearing UNITED KINGDOM


  17. Edith Crowther UNITED KINGDOM


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