Re-instatement Of An Area Dog Warden

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Created April 24, 2014 by dogwarden

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We all try and do our bit to keep our community friendly, clean and tidy. Unfortunately there are few who don’t. Now there are more homes in Cambourne do you feel we need to re-instate a dog warden (or issue authority to a person to enforce the law on dog fouling and dogs not under owner control?

Left dog faeces causes a number of problems ie children walking or falling onto it. Other dogs eating it. Also it absorbs into the ground and lay there for years. This can be dangerous for the young and the vulnerable due to toxocariasis which can lead to blindness. Dog’s not under owners control even though people may trust their dog’s off the lead, other residents may not. A dog running up to them can cause distress for wildlife, parents with young children, the elderly, disabled or other owner’s with their dogs on leads. Poster’s and signage people tend to ignore but if they were confronted with a fine would they ignore that??? Please sign to try and make a difference and take pride where we live!!!

There are currently 48 signatures for this petition:

  1. John Thornton UNITED KINGDOM

    I walk a great deal in Cambourne and prefer to be able to enjoy my surroundings and not to have to walk along with my attention on the pavement in front of me. In addition I have grandchildren who live here and any dog not properly restrained is a potential danger.


    Fed up of dog mess everywhere


    Sick fed up of dogs being off leads and out of control and also the amount of dog poo everywhere. Its disgusting.


    was sceptical at first but having had my dog attacked this morning by an off lead, out of owners control (owner on a mobility scooter) two dogs. I think we need an authority in place to help protect the general public, dog loving, dog owning or otherwise.


    This is the worst thing about Cambourne and it should be dealt with.

  6. Michelle Sargent

    I hate walking around the lake with my children and getting them to dodge all the dog mess

  7. joe

    Dog mess is a huge problem around cambourne it needs sorting out

  8. Teresa Wright

    I support this Petition because I stand for Animal rights

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