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Created December 22, 2011 by Robert Anthony

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This was the site of the first Public Library in Scotland aided into existence by Andrew Carnegie £1000 and a further £1000 by public subscription from the people of Airdrie in 1894 having originally resided in Clerks office of The Town house. This building is a major part of Airdrie’s history and Social Culture and should remain rightfully as a resource to its people and a monument to their education, social and cultural history…..

21/05/2012 133 Signatures were handed in to Alex Neil MSP’s constituency office and he was made aware of the online signatures too , so please keep signing?  Thanks for your belief in this building and your town!

There are currently 109 signatures for this petition:

  1. Mrs Margaret McCombe UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a fantastic building and has a great theatre. Airdrie also has a thriving art club and it makes sense that it should be able to meet in the arts centre.

  2. Ray Calder UNITED KINGDOM

    well used facility

  3. Robert McCombe UNITED KINGDOM

    This is one of the last great buildings in Airdrie, it should really be modernised like the Town Hall and used for smaller community events or converted into a community cinema much like Airdrie Town hall has tried to achieve. It’s in a much better location than the Town Hall for smaller events and servicing the community as a meeting area.

  4. ronnie mclay UNITED KINGDOM

    the building was the very first of its kind for the ordinary man woman and child who wanted to learn anything that they wanted also the building is of national and historical
    for the people not just airdrie but all of scotland thanks to scot who wanted to help anyone who wished to learn

  5. Colin Cookman UNITED KINGDOM

    Has always been a great focal point for the town not to mention a valuable part of Airdries history.

  6. Maggie Lawson

    A piece of history that shows Airdrie’s commitment to education and reasoning across the classes.

  7. Margaret Jarvie Craig UNITED STATES

    I believe strongly that the Airdrie Arts center should be classified as a Historical Landmark and no-one in their right minds should ever consider it being torn down. Too many buildings and schools have gone already.

  8. Steve Bell UNITED KINGDOM

    Airdrie has lost so much over the years, we can’t let the 1st public libra

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