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Created August 22, 2014 by Trina Warriner

Elvington lock has been part of north yorkshire’s waterways for hundreds of years – but now a historic lock’s days of letting boats pass through its gates could be numbered. The environment agency is considering whether to continue operating a facility allowing craft to travel along the river derwent at elvington, near york. History of the lock
the river derwent was improved for navigation in the early 18th century and by 1723 a cut with a lock had been made at elvington, bypassing a new weir across the river. A lock-keeper’s house had been built by 1782 but the present house dates from the 19th century. In 1807 an elvington trader regularly used the navigation and in the mid 19th century coal yards lay on the river bank near the bridge. The navigation ended c. 1900 and the derwent was closed as a public waterway in 1932. The lock subsequently decayed, but it was restored for pleasure craft in 1972. About a mile upstream of the weir sheffield corporation built a water intake and treatment plant, completed in 1965. (from: ‘elvington’, a history of the county of york east riding: volume 3: ouse and derwent wapentake, and part of harthill wapentake (1976), pp. 12-17. Url: http://www. British-history. Ac. Uk/report. Aspx? Compid=22997 date accessed: 22 august 2014. )

there is a meeting on october 14th 2014 to decide the fate of the lock. Please sign our petition to keep the lock open. Thankyou.

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