Save Elvington Lock

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Created August 22, 2014 by Trina Warriner


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  1. Trina Warriner UNITED KINGDOM

    I have a boat on the river Derwent and I am locked in so it would be good if it was kept open so that I can explore the waterways. I have spent 3 years restoring a burnt out narrowboat and she is finally complete and now I can’t go anywhere. Also this is part of our history and it would be very sad to lose it.

  2. Stephen Catterall SPAIN

    Don’t let our history disappear for the price of a lock refurbishment. The country spends millions reopening disused waterways.

  3. Julie Wilkinson

    We should not be closing off our waterways but preserving the right of way for future generations.

  4. Peter Ingarfield

    Because it should be saved.

  5. eve forster UNITED KINGDOM

    It would be great loss, not to see these ornate narrow boats cruising on our locks and rivers. Narrow boats are part of our heritage. Please keep this petition going by giving your support.

  6. eve forster UNITED KINGDOM

    as above

  7. Julia francis UNITED KINGDOM

    Lock and waterways are an integral part of our land and culture and it is vital to keep what we have as we never know when it will be needed.

  8. Paisley Laws

    I feel that it would be such a lock. My aunt has a boat on the lock, and I love spending time there. Such a peaceful lovely place.

  9. Peter Earley UNITED STATES

    Fortunate enough to pass through Sutton Lock in the mid 90 s on a Banks Hire Boat. The River Derwent is can experience that shouldn’t be denied other boaters, particularly given the efforts made by various organisations in the past to ensure the river remained open to navigation.

  10. david chambers UNITED KINGDOM

    The Environment Agency gets our tax to maintain and protect the countries environment heritage
    why are there even considering closing it..

  11. David Mercer UNITED KINGDOM

    The Environment Agency has a poor record on protection of navigations, even Statutory Navigations, as evidenced by the continued unlawful closure of Welches Dam Lock on the Old Bedford River/Forty Foot River in Cambridgeshire.

  12. Lynda Drewery UNITED KINGDOM

    we need to preserve our waterways

  13. Patrick Moss UNITED KINGDOM

    Elvington Lock forms a valuable part of the national waterway network and enjoys a right of navigation through it: the Derwent above it as far as Stamford Bridge provides some of the lovliest and most remote cruising waters in England, and provides much more than simply “more mileage” adding to the breadth and depth of the waterways with it’s unique character. That there is a cost to maintaining passage through the lock is irrelevant, a right can not simply be allowed to be obstructed on cost grounds alone.

  14. John Vissenga UNITED KINGDOM

    It is important that heritage is not lost, once gone it can never be reclaimed

  15. H Cauldwell UNITED KINGDOM

    British Rivers have been navigable since ‘ time immemorial’. The right to navigate the Derwent predates any improvements but the locks facilitate the exercise of this right. The Derwent historically is navigable well above Malton and any interference with the use of the river will delay the restoration of these rights.

  16. Kieron Gabbey UNITED KINGDOM

    Because of the historical significance, to give more of an incentive for boaters to come up, support local pubs and make use of the really well maintained Pocklington canal.

  17. Adrian Moss UNITED KINGDOM

    Waterways (and the boats that use them) are part of the traditional English landscape. It should be saved.

  18. Christine Richardson UNITED KINGDOM

    Navigation is not the plaything of a monied small minority, nor is it a despoilment of the environment. Both of these erronious classifications have been heard continuously,and the Environment Agency has a poor record in being swayed by them. Boaters in the north-eastern part of the network care about their rivers and their environment, often being the only people who see some reaches. Elvington Lock should not be yet another example of EA’s lack of navigtional consideration.

  19. mal forster UNITED KINGDOM

    What a sad sight it would be without boats decorating our locks and rivers.
    Dont let this happen. Keep our waterways open.

  20. Julian Field UNITED KINGDOM

    I live locally and frequently walk the banks of the river Derwent. The river and its surrounding area would be greatly impoverished if the river became un-navigable to pleasure craft. I feel strongly that the Environment Agency should consider its duty to the river’s users and its neighbours in making any decision concerning the future of Elvington Lock.

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