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Created November 3, 2010 by Ryan


It has been announced by Stoke On Trent City Council that some of the City's greatest treasures are under threat of being closed. Ford Green Hall, Stoke On Trent's oldest home, is one of the gems the City council have threatent to close, and we will be fighting any proposals to close this great landmark to our heritage.rnrnFord Green Hall is a 17th century timber-framed farmhouse complete with period garden. An award-winning museum, the Hall offers visitors a fascinating insight into the life of the 17th century. The rooms are furnished with an outstanding collection of textiles, ceramics and furniture.

There are currently 340 signatures for this petition:


    It is unthinkable that this building should be closed to the public. Wherelse can local children learn how older people survived before ipods and xbox's

  2. Clare Sutton Leek UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Eileen Brook Newcaslte, Staffs UNITED KINGDOM

    It would be such a shame for the oldest home in this area to be closed, apart from the fact that schools have access, and also activities for the children in the holidays.

  4. Angela Millward Chell Heath UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Anjii Anjii QlRYhaYtmYSdYfJdTFz CANADA

    Got it! Thakns a lot again for helping me out!

  6. A Wadley Ipstones UNITED KINGDOM

    A real treasure for this area. No one should be thinking of closing Ford Green Hall.

  7. james earnshaw Newcastle-u-Lyme UNITED KINGDOM

    Haven't even visited the place yet and really want to.

  8. debbie townsend stoke on trent UNITED KINGDOM
  10. gina benson Longton UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Heather Cooper Newcastle-Under-Lyme UNITED KINGDOM
  12. mandy barrow stoke-on-trent UNITED KINGDOM

    i think they should keep ford green hall open as it a place of history that should be kept alive .i went the other week and found all the rooms and furniture there intriguing . to close this building would be a very sad thing to do as like i say this is part of our heritage

  13. Sylvia Buidzik S-O-T UNITED KINGDOM

    This is the oldest building in Staffordshire and irreplacable

  14. anthony withers meir

    on behalf of ford green i ask you to keep this historic and beautiful place open

  15. Jeffrey Abbotts Norton UNITED KINGDOM

    One of Stoke-on-Trent's major historical treasures is under threat and needs action.This shows a lack of foresight by councillors and contempt for the people who elected them.

  16. Philippa Rimmer

    Have many special memories of this place – it must be kept open!

  17. Judy Rimmer UNITED KINGDOM

    In the words of Joni Mitchell:

    “Don’t it always seem to go
    That you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone”.

  18. Natalie rhodes UNITED KINGDOM

    Save ford green hall

  19. Martin james UNITED KINGDOM

    Save ford green hall

  20. Karen Gibson NEW ZEALAND

    this is the oldest building in Stoke on Trent. The Genealogy of this family has been preserved and therefore it would be wonderful if the building was kept in good order and condition.
    I am a descendant of the Frederick Ford and Anne Twemlow, I live in New Zealand. Frederick Hamilton Forde, my grandfather was born in NZ waters on board ship. His Father walked 3 days to take up a post as the first Headmaster of Bombay School south of Auckland.

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