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Created March 26, 2009 by Rebecca


Hello everyone, some of you may know me, my name is Rebecca and I am a student of UCA Maidstone… I set up the Act Now! campaign to save our campus….
With all your support I'm now asking you to please continue on another stressful matter. Currently academic staff and technicians are fighting for posts that are being cut short to save those extra dollars.
Already at maidstone we have lost staff and technicians therefore more hours are being put on to one person which is too much for one role. We are paying a high price and we cannot allow the board or deans to withdraw further support of our education by cutting more people that are so essential to our campus family.
Now the hierarchies have decided to withdraw Ken Wood from his post as technician and known as a guru of the campus computers and electronic equipments, ensuring everything is running smoothly and that all our resources are high standard and high quantities of the resources so we havent got the worry of minimal facilities. He is a true gentleman and a man thats being unfairly treated and it has been heard through the grapevine that he is to leave the site by TUESDAY!!! Please Please show us your support and sign against this outrage of losing one of KIADS!!! and UCA's!!! most valid family member!Unite once again and support each-other through all 5 campuses!!

There are currently 86 signatures for this petition:

  1. Vicky Webb Maidstone UNITED KINGDOM

    There's not enough technitians as it is!!

  2. Jessica Yala Singa Maidstone UNITED KINGDOM
  3. biancha laukkanen rochester UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Golden Siapolya Gillingham UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Perkins Christopher Tottenham UNITED KINGDOM

    Save KEN WOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Emlyn Stockford UNITED KINGDOM

    I am a technician and fully agree

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