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Created September 22, 2011 by Magdalena Williams

305242_2390181364978_1564186336_32529695_485874908_n MILEY

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There are currently 2175 signatures for this petition:

  1. Alex Goldberg UNITED KINGDOM

    Please send Miley home and end BSL now!

  2. denise UNITED KINGDOM

    hope you get her home x

  3. justine edwards UNITED KINGDOM

    Please please save Miley does not deserve this at all

  4. lianne crowther UNITED KINGDOM

    send milly home

  5. richard whelan UNITED KINGDOM

    free milly

  6. diane crowther UNITED KINGDOM

    send milly home stop bsl

  7. Em Parsons

    I Hope Miley gets returned to her owners :-(

  8. dave crowther UNITED KINGDOM

    free milly send her home

  9. sam donnelly UNITED KINGDOM

    free miley!!!!!

  10. Adam Cole UNITED KINGDOM

    Free Miley and end BSL/DDA when you do so! Can’t be so hard to do the right thing can it?!

  11. daniela GERMANY

    Let her go home for she is innocent and did nothing wrong

  12. daniela GERMANY

    Let her go home <3

  13. Sabrina Teeter UNITED STATES

    save her!!!!!!!

  14. Jacqueline Oliveri UNITED STATES

    The police over there apparently have too much time on their hands!!!!

  15. sue lord UNITED KINGDOM

    i think they should look more in to the dogs life ,see if he r she has had eneything on it ,eg police been called,eney.bad things he done ,a general c v of the dog and leave him with his family ,but the first sign of bad behavior the owners to do whats right..

  16. Chris Maez UNITED STATES

    There are bad owners, not bad pitbulls!

  17. Chris Maez UNITED STATES

    Punish the owner, not the breed!

  18. kelsey webb UNITED KINGDOM

    Deed not Breed! When will this stop! We ust educate the majority and not punish the minority!


    End BSL! Bring back our babies!!


    Please send home this innocent dog. Deed not breed!!!!!

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