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Created September 22, 2011 by Magdalena Williams

305242_2390181364978_1564186336_32529695_485874908_n MILEY

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  1. E McCann

    Please allow Miley to return home to her owners.

  2. Isaura Maria Perez Leal BRAZIL

    This dog is not a pitbull,you are doing a great mistake!
    You are taking an inocent life.LET HIM GO HOME!.
    And please,end BSL,It’s easier for you, to destroy,than to understand….we are not in Middle Age!
    From Rio de Janeiro,Brazil

    From Rio de Janeiro,Brazil.

  3. maria ROMANIA

    God luck Miley!

  4. ray maynard UNITED KINGDOM

    send miley home, end BSL

  5. Peggy Acosta UNITED STATES


  6. Rita Vergara BRAZIL

    LET MILEY GO HOME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
    This is not a dangerous dog, human is dangerous.
    BSL is ridiculous. There must be a petition to cancel it.

  7. davina werrett UNITED KINGDOM

    just cos a dog looks a certain way, it doesnt mean they are bad dogs. my dogs are staffys & people cross the road when the see us coming. its not the dogs they need to worry about becos they are the most loving & loyal dogs. its me they need to worry about, i wont have any crticizing any breed based on the stories of the minorities of any breed

  8. davina werrett UNITED KINGDOM

    no breed deserves to be judged on the actions & views of others

  9. Peter Petchey UNITED KINGDOM


  10. lucy kenny UNITED KINGDOM

    the criterion is ridiculous, this describes so many breeds of dog. Dogs should be assessed on their behavior and training, the responsibility of the owners, not its shape or breed.

  11. Peter Petchey UNITED KINGDOM


  12. adrian smith UNITED KINGDOM

    let her go

  13. judy evans

    good luck miley xxx


    if this was for humans it would be racism……laws have to be precise and clear – this “type” law is WAY too vague!

  15. Jane rolph

    Please let this lovely dog go.

  16. brenda phillips UNITED KINGDOM

    let miley go home to her family please xxx

  17. hayley UNITED KINGDOM

    There;s barely any point me commenting here, it’s been written 100 times, everyone knows BSL is wrong, no law involving humanity would be so convoluted and vague in description, it would never be accepted. All this law has ever served to do is destroy God’s innocent creatures and cause pain to their owners. In my mind, the victims of BSL have also been victims of malicious people pushing to have an animal destroyed. For a person to so badly want a creature murdered and cause pain to those who love the pet indicates a mentally depraved person who should perhaps not be in any position to make any founded accusations or even have a point of view. I am a veterinary nurse, and i can say in all professionalism that it is quite apparent that the dog in question is not a Pittbull Terrier. Common sense dictates that the vague “Pittbull type” description purposefully allows for the prosecution of pretty much any dog of a similar size. I see Labradors with similar conformation, and to cross a Staffordshire Bull Terrier with a Labrador, Ridgeback, Bull Mastiff etc etc etc will often result in a dog with a similar conformation. Nothing else in law would be so loosely classified as “type”. BSL is a farce, all it serves to do is thrill the people that seek the death of innocent creatures. Miley should be home where she belongs and not subjected to the harsh conditions and cruel treatment we have seen in the case of Lennox in Belfast. This law is shamefull, apart from Britain pertaining to be a nation of ‘animal lovers’ this law contradicts the sense of humanity and justice we claim to have.

  18. Paul waring GERMANY

    Don’t these ignorant idiots know any dog can be dangerous? I have the scars from a Jack Russell! It’s a different type in the media every decade. Punish irresponsible owners, not innocent animals. Aren’t parents responsible for their children’s upbringings?

  19. sam crouchman UNITED KINGDOM

    Bless you smiley miley. Hope your back home where you should be before to long :( xx

  20. hellen warrington UNITED KINGDOM

    the law meeds to change NOW!!

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