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Created September 22, 2011 by Magdalena Williams

305242_2390181364978_1564186336_32529695_485874908_n MILEY

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  1. hellen warrington UNITED KINGDOM

    this needs 2 change!!

  2. shelly london UNITED KINGDOM

    let miley live please

  3. Shelley Riling UNITED STATES

    Please let Miley go home with her family. She has never hurt anyone, committed no crime. Why do you want to do this her and to her family. Please show compassion. Please send Miley home and save unnecessary spending of taxpayers money for hard nose human criminals that often include very bad dog owners.

  4. Bianca Schepuck UNITED KINGDOM

    ***PLEASE SAVE MILEY* AN INNOCENT DOG***STOP THE UNNESSESSARY KILLING***Thousands of dogs&cats lose their lives every year for no reason, it’s got to stop !!! Especially a ‘loved’ family pet who has done nothing wrong but has the wrong look, it”s ‘insane’, ‘cruel’ and ‘inhumane’ !!! ***SAVE MILEY***

  5. charlotte middleton UNITED KINGDOM

    Let her go home to her family. Its the temprament that counts not the breed they may aswell put all dogs on the dangerous list as all dogs can be aggressive if in the wrong hands. Most of the time its not the dogs fault its the people who bring them up its not fair all dogs deserve a chance so y just gang up on this one breed. Please let her back to her family !! X

  6. Patricia Dahmer UNITED STATES

    Please Release Miley!! Save and Protect God’s Beautiful Creatures!!! God Bless Miley!!

  7. Danusia Alves

    please, release miley to her family!!!

  8. Solange Scherer UNITED STATES

    Please every animal deserve a living ,like you and me .

  9. Michael Gibney CANADA

    Stop this BSL B.S.

  10. valerie crook UNITED STATES

    this is just wrong! free miley!!! it’s the only right thing to do!

  11. Karen S. Freebersyser UNITED STATES

    Please send Miley home!

  12. Jaime Andersen UNITED STATES

    I feel that this whole situation is crazy! There is no reason to put a dog down based on their looks. Just because they’re a dog doesn’t make it any less racist!! We’ve all been fighting for equality in this country and when we fix it one area it just trickles into another. This is ridiculous and can’t be tolerated anymore.

  13. amanda jackson UNITED KINGDOM

    this is disgusting, let this dog go home to its owners end bsl !

  14. Theresa Garvey UNITED KINGDOM

    I am so scared for that sweet little girl, my dog has most of the features discribed for pit bull type breed, but she is the most gentle sweetest dog i have ever owned, my baby wouldn’t hurt a fly she would run away from it,
    Please assess Miley properly, and send her home.

  15. Vicki Moore AUSTRALIA

    Please do the right thing and send this poor dog home to the family that are waiting for him. The DDA is so very very wrong and ill conceived.

  16. Vicki Moore AUSTRALIA

    Please send Miley back to the family who are missing him so terribly. The DDG is so very wrong and ill conceived

  17. sandra UNITED KINGDOM

    Maybe we should cull all the ginger people for example, amounts to the same thing

  18. maria pop CANADA

    this is so WRONG!!!!!


    I pray that you make the right decision and send this beautiful baby home, to its loving family. This has to stop!


    Send miley home. This law is wrong and too open to mistakes.

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