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Created September 22, 2011 by Magdalena Williams

305242_2390181364978_1564186336_32529695_485874908_n MILEY

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  1. De Bock Rudy BELGIUM

    Save Miley

  2. michal UNITED KINGDOM

    Come on where is the justice in this! these dogs along with Staffordshire bull terriers are the best dogs to have around your children and family. Makes me sick. Please realise it’s never the animal, you cant make judgement without the evidence to sentence this poor animal. What has the animal done, killed another dog? bitten a child. I bet not. There is a loving family waiting for their baby to return please send Miley home.

  3. Gawain Beste UNITED KINGDOM

    Save Miley.

  4. Ceri steadman UNITED KINGDOM

    Save her and let her go home


    Send Miley home & change this stupid law.

  6. V Tomkinson UNITED KINGDOM

    see sense save Miley hes innocent.

  7. Gabriela Thiel GERMANY

    Save Miley !!

  8. yvonne UNITED KINGDOM

    Send the beautiful Miley home

  9. Shirley Ramplin UNITED KINGDOM

    Time to take it out on those who create the problems not the dogs!!

  10. Amanda Bills

    Please save Miley, you can tel she isn’y a pit bull!

  11. Mariliz Constantino


  12. sandy trommet AUSTRIA

    Help please!

  13. Maria Bernardo UNITED STATES

    This is unbelievable! How can they do that if the dog is friendly and has a family that cares about it? This is a life! We need to care about life, not to kill.

  14. Carla Stowe UNITED STATES

    Save this baby… She is a member of a family!!! STOP BSL!!!!!~ SEND MILEY HOME!!!

  15. Brett Bone UNITED STATES

    Please save this pup!

  16. Lesley CANADA

    This has got to stop. Pitbulls make the best companions. They are loyal and trusting. I love all dogs but come on lets get real here. There are more aggressive poodles in homes than there are aggressive Pibulls.

  17. suzanne UNITED KINGDOM

    The dog deserves a break, she has done nothing wrong.

  18. Kornelia Gaber GERMANY


  19. Monika Hanke GERMANY

    Please help and save the Pup……

  20. Kornelia Gaber GERMANY


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