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Created September 22, 2011 by Magdalena Williams

305242_2390181364978_1564186336_32529695_485874908_n MILEY

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  1. Charlotte Cook UNITED KINGDOM

    Another dog going to be destroyed because of its looks.
    If it was a human going to be destroyed because of its skin colour everyone would be up in arms.

    Save this dog.

    “The monster is on the other end of the lead”

  2. Wania McCartney BRAZIL

    Save this Pup

  3. vivienne hick UNITED KINGDOM

    good luck hope this turns out well and you get your lovely baby back

  4. Richard Graf GERMANY

    auf gutes gelingen

  5. Helen Stable KUWAIT

    BSL is unfair and unjust and seems to target (councils’ attitude of easy targets!) family pets who have done nothing wrong – Miley should go home Now to her Family where she is loved and cared for – BSL is a farce!

  6. Charlotte Thompson UNITED STATES

    Please let this baby go home, stop judging dogs by there breed this HAS TO STOP

  7. christine riggall

    praying so hard everything goes well for all the dogs xxx

  8. christine riggall

    praying so hard that everything goes well for all the dogs xxx


    dogs are never the bad ones, only some owners so stop the persecution of innocent creatures

  10. courtney brown UNITED KINGDOM

    Let her go !!!!!

  11. matthew UNITED STATES

    Let her go.

  12. Adam Cianflone AUSTRALIA

    For as long as BSL continues, the human race has no hope.



  14. Jeromy Henderson UNITED STATES

    the actions you take against these dog are inhumane at the very least…

  15. Mandy mcgilchrist UNITED KINGDOM

    This is so wrong.

  16. Janice Crump UNITED STATES

    Please stop this insanity!

  17. Janice Crump UNITED STATES

    Please stop the insanity!

  18. Shelly Quayle UNITED STATES

    Please return this dog to her family now. This dog has done nothing wrong. BSL is wrong. Dogs should be judged for what they have done – not what they look like or what people think the dog might be. This dog deserves to be back with her family where she should have never been taken away from. Send Miley back to her family!!!

  19. carran gray UNITED KINGDOM

    Let this poor dog go home. This kind of action will NEVER be accepted by the dog lovers of this country, the rest of the world is watching these cases and shaking their heads in disbelief.

  20. Natalie Blackman

    Breed specific legislation is going to be repealed, and soon. In the meantime, no dogs should be destroyed based on a stupid law that is completely ineffective and will be gone soon enough. Breed of dog gives a rough idea of how a dog should be raised and how they will fit into the family lifestyle – it is in no way an indicator of whether a dog is going to be dangerous. Individual personality and how the dog is raised is the true cause of aggression. Repeal this ineffective, rubbish law and send this dog home.

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