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Created September 22, 2011 by Magdalena Williams

305242_2390181364978_1564186336_32529695_485874908_n MILEY

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  1. Jane Hunt

    If Miley has done nothing wrong then she should be freed.

  2. Denise LaChance UNITED STATES

    Despicable. What a cruel hateful place. I had no idea the UK was so hostile to people and their companion animals. I will never set foot in such a place as long as people’s dogs can be seized and killed for no reason other than how they look.

  3. Betty Geist UNITED STATES

    this need to STOP

  4. Vivienne Ben-Shir

    no healthy animal should be murdered!

  5. Patricia Goldberg UNITED STATES

    There are SO many pit bull types. I have 2 on the couch with me right now. Rescues. Wonderful dogs that love me and other people so much. Please do not kill wonderful dogs like my furkids here next to me

  6. Patricia Goldberg UNITED STATES

    Please do not kill dogs like my loving 2 rescued pitties laying here on the couch with me. I so so love them and they me and my friends. Please do not kill these loving dogs. Do you watch Pit Boss ?? Oitbulls and Parolees. Can you not see who they are ?

  7. Lisa Gunton-Bunn

    Please release this innocent dog and bring the UK out of this ridiculous, faulty and inexcusable BSL mess. BSL has done little good anywhere and has done a huge amount of harm.

  8. pru halliwell UNITED KINGDOM

    OMG!! these kidnappers are really mental…that description fits my poodle for the most part .It seems four legs and a tail may also make you a likely suspect……how mad!!!

  9. Annie Choiniere

    Free Miley!

  10. Lianne Muhl UNITED STATES

    I think that the 2-legged critters need to be brought under control because that’s where our problem lies…

  11. Natasha Rowe UNITED KINGDOM

    This dog should be left alone. I believe that the killing of ‘dangerous’ dogs should only be done as a last resort. However, who are we to judge whether they should die or not?

  12. Annie sousa UNITED STATES

    these descriptions could apply to so many dogs – labrador’s fit this description. If dogs are to be assessed ey should be assessed on theit personality, not their breed.


    Free Miley, educate don’t discriminate x

  14. Amanda Tully UNITED STATES

    This is terrible. I hope this poor pup gets returned to her owners. JUDGE THE DEED, NOT THE BREED!!!!

  15. Ann Rutherford UNITED KINGDOM

    Words fail me, there are an awful lot of stupid people who make stupid decisions to the detriment of others who are totally innocent.

  16. Karen Day UNITED STATES

    Please be fair and let this baby go home with his family!

  17. Lyn Chastain UNITED STATES

    the bsl are the ones who need to be put out of a job

  18. Rebecca Kuper UNITED STATES

    BSL is wrong and I will continue to support the abolishment of laws like this everywhere.

  19. Wanda Blomberg


    Thank you,
    Wanda Blomberg

  20. Shona Vice AUSTRALIA

    Let this dog go home! End BSL!

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