Save Penwortham Youth Centre

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Created February 11, 2011 by Laura

Youth Issues

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There are currently 275 signatures for this petition:

  1. Laura Harry preston UNITED KINGDOM
  2. stephanie danson preston UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Rebecca Rigby Newcastle upon Tyne UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Barney Randall Lancaste UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Annabelle Salt Lancaster UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Dale Steven Holden Preston UNITED KINGDOM

    Save the Centre

  7. Heather Greenwood Garstang UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Christopher simpson garstang UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Robert Foxon Lancaster UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Lynne Palmer Penwortham UNITED KINGDOM

    How are voluntary organisations supposed to take up the'slack' in the government's Big Society if we are having the buildings and support from local authorities withdrawn from us.

  11. Charlie W Preston UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Catherine Wilson Preston GERMANY
  13. Natalie Amriding Preston UNITED KINGDOM

    The youth centre is used for a variety of activities and not just used for youths. If the buildings go were will the kids go

  14. Lewis Clarke Preston UNITED KINGDOM

    Penwortham youth centre supports a lot of youth groups, which gives the youth of the area something to do, the centre also houses St John Ambulance Penwortham and Hutton Unit, with out the youth centre, this St John unit may be disbanded, and it covers over 100 public events per year, saving lives. how are we supposed to continue with out life saving work, if our building is taken away?

  15. Rebecca Mason Penwortham UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Judith Mason Preston UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Rachel Lang Little hoole UNITED KINGDOM

    Been going to drama since I was 11 and I'm 19 now, the youth theatre, Ron and drama have been brilliant and Ron has helped through a lot of bad times.

  18. Hannah Heptinstall Preston UNITED KINGDOM

    'Big Society'? Yeah… It's working really well there boys.

  19. Chloe Russell Preston UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Patrick Bean Stockton-on-tees UNITED KINGDOM
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