Save Penwortham Youth Centre

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Created February 11, 2011 by Laura

Youth Issues

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There are currently 275 signatures for this petition:

  1. toni crowther preston UNITED KINGDOM

    plz dont close it down it is a really good place to go

  2. Peter Ireland Preston UNITED KINGDOM
  3. margaret curry stanley UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Victoria Greenwood UNITED KINGDOM
  5. sarah bracewell UNITED KINGDOM

    Short term gain for the council, long term loss for society- think before you act

  6. Jane Mills Preston UNITED KINGDOM

    My daughter attends this excellently run Youth Centre. Here she has the opportunity to experience many activities and has grown as a result. I am dismayed to think that this valuable resource may be taken away from Penwortham, on behalf of my daughter, her siblings and the future of Penwortham kids

  7. Pamela Cobban Penwortham UNITED KINGDOM

    Want to save Penwortham Youth club. Both my children attend.

  8. Lisa Brook Preston UNITED KINGDOM

    I am 38 and used 2 go 2 this youth club when I was growing up, it's such a valuable place 2 go 4 a growing kid… Please do not close it

  9. Kenneth Gutteridge Preston UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Helen Smith Penwortham UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Jessica Sommerville preston UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Kirstie Trusch preston UNITED KINGDOM
  13. carol walmsley Penwortham
  14. Colleen Lloyd Penwortham UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Emma Colledge Manchester UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Rachel Eaton Preston UNITED KINGDOM

    waste of a good resource

  18. jane turner Penwortham, Preston UNITED KINGDOM
  19. laura-jane cobban Preston UNITED KINGDOM

    Youth club gives me oppertunities that i will never be able to do without it. I have been caving, i have done water sports and by taking away my youth club, it takes away oppertunies and i reckon many tennagers will just end up roaming the streets.

  20. Caron Sommerville Preston
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